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Power Talk Friday: Erica Courdae: Incorporating DEI Practices in Your Business

Episode 732 of A Well-Designed Business®
732: Power Talk Friday: Erica Courdae: Incorporating DEI Practices in Your Business

Today with Erica Courdae:

Welcome to a Well-Designed Business. It’s Power Talk Friday! Erica Courdae, diversity and inclusion coach, is packed with simple, actionable advice ensuring our conversations and workplaces reflect a sense of kindness and inclusion. She also shares what to do when we get it all wrong as we continue to learn and grow alongside our fellow humans.

Pick it apart:

[10:10] Erica explains simultaneous realities

[13:38] Erica explains what true conversation is

[15:31] LuAnn covers a critical sales mistake

[24:44] Erica shares how she works with businesses

[39:10] Erica advises about how to communicate DEI efforts with a new, diverse hire

[44:28] Erica explains what she means by “operating on demographics without psychographics doesn’t work”

LuAnn and Erica Courdae’s Ah-Ha moments:

“You’re not expected to know it all or have access to everything. You just have to be willing to stay in action.” – Erica Courdae

“We are all processing through our own lens. There has to be a space of understanding.” – Erica Courdae

“It’s not okay to assume that somebody wants to be a part of something that you didn’t give them the opportunity to opt-out of.” – Erica Courdae

“There are learning opportunities in being less than perfect. If you get it all right, you’re not continuing to grow.” – Erica Courdae

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More About Erica Courdae:

Erica Courdae has dedicated her life to expanding how others interact with the world through powerful conversations. As an entrepreneur and certified coach, her work is focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), imperfect allyship, and imposter syndrome. This work has taken her into communities and onto national stages as a speaker and educator at noteworthy industry events like AltSummit, ShePodcasts Live, and Being Boss.

Erica is also the owner of an inclusive beauty salon, Silver Immersion, and the host of Pause on the Play, a podcast that features open dialogue on topics like company culture, visibility, and mindset. She lives in Maryland with her two children.

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