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Power Talk Friday: Traci Connell: Buy Wholesale for Profit

Episode 554 of A Well-Designed Business®

Welcome to A Well-Designed Business! It’s Power Talk Friday and LuAnn is pleased to have her good friend, Traci Connell, joining her to talk about their newest venture, the Buy Wholesale for Profit program.

Listen in as they give you a sneak-peek of The 6 Steps to Making Maximum Profit through Buying Wholesale!

Traci Connell is an inviting, engaging, and approachable mentor who has overcome personal setbacks to build the business of her dreams – a multi-million dollar interior design business that she grew and scaled while navigating single-motherhood in the wake of immense tragedy. Traci is an expert in delivering unique design with ease of mind. She says: “What good is a luxurious home if you can’t actually live in it?” That philosophy drives her to provide high-end interior design that really lasts for every one of her clients. From initial to final details, each project is outlined through a state-of-the-art project management system, streamlining the process and enhancing the client experience. Over the years, Traci has been recognized with numerous local and national awards and publications in the interior design industry as well as many accolades within the business community. She recently launched her coaching and consulting business to teach other designers and female entrepreneurs how to get unstuck and scale their businesses just like she did using her proven system that she tested and developed over the past 8 years. She is really excited to share this system with others.

Show Highlights:

  • Traci shares the story of how she decided to grow and scale, and how she developed this information into a proven program.
  • Traci relates the benefits to designers who follow her course.
  • The Buy Wholesale for Profit modules that Traci details are:
  • Pivoting Your Business Mindset – The differences between consultancy and furnishings business models, the procurement timeline, and the advantages of wholesale margins vs. retail. Plus: Traci’s Furniture Revenue Forecasting Tool to project past a NET income of $100k.
  • Developing a Buying Co-op – The characteristics of successful partners, the desired strengths, and red flags. Plus: Traci’s Business Formation Checklist and template to develop and organizational chart for partnership success.
  • Outreach to Vendors/Manufacturers – How to develop a list of target vendors, and how to communicate your value to vendors. Plus: Traci’s cheat sheet of preferred manufacturers and tip sheet for communicating with vendors.
  • Pricing Your Furnishings and Design Fees – Your pricing sweet spot, how to convince clients to buy, and how to develop a budget. Plus: Traci’s preferred method for developing a design fee and furnishings budget.
  • Processes and Systems for Expansion – The tools of a successful reseller, which project management software should you use, and the timeline from presentation to installation. Plus: Traci’s Top Tip Sheet for considering a receiving warehouse and a no-fail project timeline template.
  • Wrap-Up – During this module, Traci answers lingering questions, helps you put all of this information together, and helps you decide on a clear path forward.
  • You still have to look at the local artisans and support the showrooms in your area!
  • Please visit the website for more details and information about the deliverables built into this course, which include a private FB specifically for the attendees of the course. You can ask Traci questions between sessions and connect with each other for support and help!
  • All of the sessions are recorded and you will have lifetime access to them to watch, in case you miss a session or if you want to re-visit them at any point in the future.
  • “When we don’t have the confidence, it’s because we don’t have the tools behind us to lean on.” Traci Connell

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