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Leslie Price: Evolution of a Career in Interior Design

Episode 413 of A Well-Designed Business®

Welcome! Today we have Leslie Price, the principal of Price Style and Design, with us on the show. Leslie’s superpower is sourcing and selling art for her projects and in today’s episode, she explains why this is so important and personal to her. We also have a really nice conversation with her about her career and the turns it has taken, starting out in the home staging industry and then pivoting into strictly interior design. Leslie also talks to us about her studio and the wonderful setup she has in collaboration with her upholsterer, and about the pros and cons of charging for an initial consultation. Listen in now to find out more.

Price Style and Design is a San Francisco Bay Area-based design and style firm, specializing in creating colorful, comfortable, and welcoming interiors. Award-winning designer and owner, Leslie Price, has a passion for creating light-filled, open, and uncluttered spaces influenced by an appreciation for the fresh colors of nature- an instintive artistic awareness which she developed growing up in Honolulu, Hawaii. Leslie’s impeccable attention to every detail will help you create comfortable and beautiful spaces that speak to your heart.

Working from the belief that you must love where you live, Leslie and her team focus on designing spaces that inspire joy and happiness. With expertise from a thirty-year visual merchandising and design career, Leslie is uniquely positioned to help you understand and refine your own style, so you can enjoy the ‘art of living’ in your home. Tune in to find out what Leslie has to share.

Show highlights:

  • Leslie talks about the mid-life epiphany she had about her business.
  • Leslie goes with the flow because she knows it will all work out in the end.
  • How Leslie’s interior design career began with home-staging.
  • Her transition from home-staging to interior design.
  • Why Leslie moved from home-staging to interior design.
  • Some of the realtors that Leslie used to work for, doing home-staging, still send her client referrals.
  • Leslie talks about her retail space, it’s a purpose, and what it means to her business.
  • The win-win situation Leslie has with the people she splits the rental for her retail space with.
  • Why Leslie doesn’t charge for her initial consultation.
  • The struggle that Leslie’s having with not charging for her initial consultation.
  • Leslie believes that art is a legacy that talks about your soul.
  • Leslie talks about her passion for helping clients to source their works of art.
  • Art is an asset that continues to gain value.
  • How Leslie helps her clients to make the most of their art.
  • The way that Leslie sources works of art for her clients.
  • How Leslie charges her clients for finding their art.
  • Leslie bridges that gap between artists and buyers who may be intimidated to speak to the artists.
  • Leslie talks about her mother’s art and her art collection.


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What Level is Your Design Business?