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Power Talk Friday: Shelli Warren: Recognizing That Your Small Business Brings Value to the Right Employee

Episode 980 of A Well-Designed Business®

Today With Shelli Warren

Today, on A Well-Designed Business, I am joined by Shelli Warren, distinguished Women’s Leadership Advisor, and the host of the Stacking Your Team podcast. Do you believe the misconception that success is only attached to working for a corporation? If so, you may have little faith in hiring the right team, because as you will hear from Shelli, you have much to offer the right person in the form of a career.

Pick It Apart:

[6:07] Shelli shares her philosophy that her clients should understand that they have value and can provide valuable careers for employees.

[12:28] Before you even post a position, get clear on their job responsibilities.

[16:01] When and how to build a leadership team.

[20:08] How to guide someone towards making desirable decisions and being accountable.

[27:54] Realizing that you may have to fire people because the pace of your business has changed and you need to bring in new hires.

[48:25] When a business owner is ready to sell their business, many times it is an employee who buys it.

LuAnn Nigara and Shelli Warren’s Ah-Ha Moments

“You can have a worthwhile career, and also offer people worthwhile careers.” – Shelli Warren

“People will stay working for you when they feel connected to you or their immediate supervisor.” – Shelli Warren

“The team that got you here may not be the same team to get you there.” – Shelli Warren

More About Shelli Warren

Shelli Warren is a distinguished Women’s Leadership Advisor and the host of the Stacking Your Team podcast. Her expertise lies in helping small business owners develop and nurture a leadership team that can take over the daily operations of the business, enabling the owners to focus on higher-level growth decisions.

Drawing from her impressive background, which includes successfully managing multi-million dollar projects for Fortune 50 corporations and iconic billion-dollar brands, Shelli has spent nearly a decade coaching business owners.

Now in its fifth year, The Stacking Your Team podcast stands as a top-rated show with over 500,000 downloads. It serves as a source of inspiration and education for women leaders, guiding them on how to build capable leadership teams that can effectively provide the daily direction needed to exceed their company’s clients’ expectations.

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