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Power Talk Friday: Matthew Finlin: The Key to Selling with Authenticity and Compassion

Episode 931 of A Well-Designed Business®
931: Power Talk Friday: Matthew Finlin: The Key to Selling with Authenticity and Compassion

Today With Matthew Finlin:

Welcome to a Well-Designed Business. If you’re a long-time listener of the show, you already know that I was a salesperson basically from birth. Selling is a part of my nature. But for most designers, that doesn’t seem to be the case.  Why is that? Why do some of us gravitate toward selling while it sends others into a panic? My guest today, Matthew Finlin, CEO of The Human Potential Academy, believes he knows—and he’s shedding light on why this happens and what designers can do to bring more assertiveness into the process and close with confidence and compassion.

Pick It Apart

[2:58] Matthew explains why creatives have a natural resistance toward sales.

[7:10] Matthew dives into personality traits and their impact on business and relationships.

[17:48] LuAnn and Matthew discuss why designers struggle to set boundaries and why they need to learn how.

[32:51] Matthew and LuAnn dive into how our personality traits impact our pricing.

[36:32] LuAnn and Matthew highlight why confidence matters in pricing and selling.

LuAnn Nigara and Matthew Finlin’s Ah-Ha Moments

“Compassionate closing is all about recognizing that if you have a product or service that you truly believe is going to benefit this person and change their life positively.” -Matthew

“You really need one thing to be good at sales. And it’s not knowledge, unfortunately. You actually just need confidence.” -Matthew

“I don’t care how wealthy you are wants to overpay. That’s the truth. But what I know from all the interviews I’ve done is that 99% of designers are going to deliver their heart and soul into the project—they just need to convey their value.” -LuAnn

More About Matthew Finlin

Matthew Finlin is the founder and CEO of Human Potential Academy. He has been a business phenom since he started his career a decade ago. From door-to-door sales trainer to high level business in Hong Kong.

A man of many talents, he started off as an entrepreneur and after a massive spiritual awakening, he answered the call. His life mission is to bridge the gaps between the business, scientific, and spiritual communities.

Matthew’s extensive experience in both business and personal development allows him to bring out the best in every individual, helping them achieve their full potential and make a difference in the world. He is dedicated to helping as many people as possible reach their fullest potential by empowering self-leadership.

He now trains and coaches his teams and clients in his philosophy: the 5 Pillars of Human Potential. It’s important to note that he started his coaching career working exclusively with women and helping them achieve any goals they desire, whether it’s business, relationships or more.

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