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Lucy Penfield: How Interior Design is an Anthropological Process

Episode 890 of A Well-Designed Business®
890: Lucy Penfield: How Interior Design is an Anthropological Process

Today With Lucy Penfield:

Hi, welcome to a Well-Designed Business. Long-time listeners of the show will know that I rarely get into the pretty, the actual designs, or even the creative process itself. For the most part, I’m focused on the business—not what happens in the creative mind, but the systems and processes and moving parts on the outside of that.

But every once in a while, I make an exception—and today’s episode is one of those. When you hear my guest, Lucy Penfield, speak, you’ll understand why. She’s going to share her creative insight into the design process—and why she relates it to an anthropological discovery.

Pick It Apart

[3:50] Lucy explains why designing is like an anthropological dig.

[13:43] Lucy shares how going back to school helped her redefine her design process

[part 2 [12:55] Lucy details her six-step process and how creativity plays a role at every level

[19:23] LuAnn reflects on the authenticity in Lucy’s process

LuAnn Nigara and Lucy Penfield’s Ah-Ha Moments

“We discover what is at the core, what’s at the soul for our clients, and sometimes they have their ideas and their inspiration, but what’s deeper than that? So I think so often we look at the top surface, the top layer, maybe the frosting, but what’s really underneath it all? And so as an anthropologist, I think we uncover.” -Lucy

“I love that you said peeling away the onion, and it’s almost like you could look in a room and keep discovering things in that room when you’re designing at that more elevated level.” -LuAnn

“You can get up in the morning and be ho-hum, or you can show up. I think the fun is we have an opportunity to grow.” -Lucy

More About Lucy Penfield

Lucy Penfield is a passionate, blue sky thinker whose approach to interior design is unparalleled. Her enchantment and zeal for design have followed her throughout her career as an interior designer, lifestyle product innovator, and art aficionado. Lucy loves the magic of transforming space and creating joy for her clients.

As an award-winning interior designer, Lucy is recognized nationally for her sophisticat- ed design style, passion for color, and client-centric methodologies. Her custom, six-step approach to bespoike interiors is anthropological and digs further to uncover true meaning for her clients. With degrees in art history, interior design, and design thinking, Lucy is a dynamic, progressive thought leader. She encourages her clients and team to push the bounds of their realms. From sketching textile and wallcovering collec- tions to designing custom homes, lakeside cottages, and city condos, Lucy garners inspiration from the diverstiy in her work and conquering new challenges.

Lucy has great love for her community and is actively involved with non-profit organiza-tions. Beyond her design ventures, she finds joy in cooking exotic dishes, throwing fabulous dinner parties, traveling with her family and exploring new adventures.

Lucy’s design style is radiant, art-infused, and dazzling.

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