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Power Talk Friday: Robyn White: Using Your Website to Market to the Luxury Interior Design Client

Episode 859 of A Well-Designed Business®

Today With Robyn White:

We all know that marketing matters. But so often when I’m talking to newer designers, I realize that marketing is misunderstood—especially when it comes to the luxury client. 

My guest today, Robyn White, understands that. Today, she’s here to talk about what marketing really is, how marketing for the luxury client is unique, and how to incorporate your personality and story into your messaging.

Pick It Apart

[2:26] Robyn and LuAnn reflect on what marketing really means.

[6:54] Robyn explains the difference in marketing to a luxury client.

[15:54] LuAnn and Robyn discuss how important it is for your website to show what makes you unique. 

[27:43] Robyn explains how to convey luxury through your website. 

[43:14] Robyn and LuAnn reflect on how important your website is.

LuAnn Nigara and Robyn White’s Ah-Ha Moments

“The more marketing you do, the more you’ll start to realize that people don’t care that much about what you’re trying to sell to them, because it’s not about them. When you turn the tables and make your marketing about how you help them and what problems you solve, they become interested.” – Robyn White

“If I can read a page on your website and I can substitute any person’s name for this because there’s nothing so specific that is only you, then you haven’t done your job in explaining who you are or what it’s like to work with you.” – LuAnn Nigara

More About Robyn White:

Robyn White is the owner and founder of RDW Design Studio, a boutique website design studio located on Cape Cod, MA. Robyn offers a refined website design experience for clients who value quality and want a strategic, sophisticated and simple website designed so they can book more premium clients.

Robyn specializes in helping interior designers, architects, stagers and organizers elevate their website so it reflects the high-quality work they provide and so their business has the online home it deserves. Through her impactful and strategic website design, she positions her clients as the premium choice by making the right first impression online.

She helps her busy clients go from overwhelmed to overjoyed with their websites by taking care of all the techie stuff without the techie talk. Through her supportive, streamlined and stress-free design process, Robyn designs websites that are not just beautiful, but allow her clients to show up online with confidence and attract their ideal clients.

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