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Shaun Crha & Rebecca Plumb: How To Stay Young and Hot As a Designer

Episode 850 of A Well-Designed Business®
850: Shaun Crha & Rebecca Plumb: How To Stay Young and Hot As a Designer

Today With Shaun Crha & Rebecca Plumb:

Welcome to A Well-Designed Business. Today I have Shaun Crha of Wrensted Interiors and Rebecca Plumb of Studio Plumb on the show. They met on Instagram and are now design besties—together hosting the Hot Young Designers Club podcast, where they explore the emotional, practical, and humorous side of the interior design world.

Shaun and Rebecca are here today to inspire community, not competition, between fellow designers, and we’re talking about relationships, boundaries, rates, and red flags. We hope that you join us.

Pick It Apart

[4:28] Rebecca and Shaun talk about how they met and became friends

[11:50] Rebecca explains how the peer-to-peer mentorship between her and Shaun works and why it is helpful to have this relationship

[22:32] LuAnn digs into how Shaun and Rebecca run the back end of their businesses

[27:29] Rebecca explains how she uses automation to create boundaries with her clients

[38:50] Rebecca and Shaun discuss rates and how they have both experiments with hourly rates and flat fees.

[51:24] Shaun talks about dispelling the myth that designers can’t create a sustainable living for themselves

LuAnn Nigara and Shaun Crha & Rebecca Plumb’s Ah-Ha Moments

“We attract the type of clients that are attracted to our personality type and the type of business that we run. I think that’s why there’s so much room for all of us, because there’s so many different kinds of people.” – Rebecca Plumb

“I’ve learned a lot about my personality in this business.” – Rebecca Plumb

“One of the biggest things that’s come from developing relationships with Rebecca and other designers and creatives is this dispelling of the myth that designers can’t create sustainable livings for themselves…It is possible to create a decent quality of life for ourselves that still has room to grow.” – Shaun Crha

“When you run it like a business you can do your creative all day long.” – LuAnn Nigara

More About Shaun Crha & Rebecca Plumb:

Rebecca Plumb (Studio Plumb) and Shaun Crha (Wrensted Interiors) came to interior design after other career paths. They met through Instagram while completing the popular One Room Challenge and turned their online banter into a real-life friendship while attending the semi-annual Las Vegas Market. They bring a sense of humor and irreverence to running their design businesses that spills over into the podcast. Their advice always come from a place of helpfulness delivered by your big sister and gay best friend.

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