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Power Talk Friday: Staci Davidson: Why You Need Someone to Handle Everything But Design

Episode 849 of A Well-Designed Business®

Today With Staci Davidson:

Welcome to A Well Designed Business. Today I am joined by Staci Davidson, owner of Everything but Design, where she does just that. Stacy is capable of taking on every aspect of an interior design business, from accounting and bookkeeping to consulting and customer service, freeing up her clients so that they can get back to what they do best: Design. Staci is here to talk about her experience and the value that outsourcing your back-end operations can bring to your business, boosting not only your confidence, but your profits.

Pick It Apart

[3:39] Staci recounts her experience as an operations manager and bookkeeper for a residential design firm, handling “everything but design” in the business and growing it to a multimillion-dollar firm.

[10:47] Staci and LuAnn discuss the services Everything but Design offers beyond just bookkeeping, and Staci explains how outsourcing administrative tasks to someone that understands the design industry allows her clients to focus more on their designs, builds confidence, and ultimately generate more revenue 

[22:22] LuAnn and Staci talk about the importance of systems and processes, and how the way a project is managed can be more important than the beauty of the design to clients 

[29:20] Staci explains how she uses best practices as a bookkeeper to help business owners analyze their margins, adjust prices, and gain profits

[42:01] Staci and LuAnn talk about the importance of systems and standards, especially when communicating with clients by setting expectations beforehand

LuAnn Nigara and Staci Davidson’s Ah-Ha Moments

“You need someone that has your back, and they aren’t just pushing data, they’re ensuring that it’s accurate and advising you on next steps, best practices, ways to save money, or improvements into your process.” – Staci Davidson

“When a designer is in their lane, and focusing on the design, all of the other things fall into place.” – LuAnn Nigara

“When you have really satisfied clients who feel like they were taken care of, the referrals are going to come in.” – Staci Davidson

“Really feeling confident in yourself, your design, and your processes will elevate your business so much.” – Staci Davidson

More About Staci Davidson:

Staci discovered her love for the business of Interior Design in 2016 when she was hired as the Operations Manager of a residential design firm. She quickly realized so much more went into running a successful design business. Her true passion is freeing up the designer, taking over all aspects of the business and allowing the owners to focus on creating amazing spaces their clients will cherish for years to come. 

She has done blog posts for Design Manager and has been asked to speak at High Point on best practices for running a successful business.

Offering a wide variety of services, Staci and her team can do Everything but Design!

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