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Flashback Friday: Chris Loves Julia: Quality Content Creation is Key to Their Success

Episode 847 of A Well-Designed Business®
847: Flashback Friday: Chris Loves Julia: Quality Content Creation is Key to Their Success

Today With Julia Marcum:

Welcome to A Well-Designed Business! Today’s show is a Flashback Friday, an episode from the archives that was so good, and so relevant, we wanted to share it with you again! I hope you enjoy Julia Marcum’s episode that originally aired as episode 480!

Julia started blogging more than ten years ago, and her readership has grown to include millions of people. In 2016, Chris left his day job to join Julia as a blogger on a full-time basis. With their blog, this remarkable couple shares their original, authentic, and sincere perspective on the daily coups and challenges of their DIY home renovations. People follow them to learn how to improve their space and to get inspiration, tips on trends, and motivation to get things done.

In today’s episode, Julia explains that they know exactly why they’re doing what they do, and they know who they do it for.

LuAnn Nigara and Julia Marcum’s Ah-Ha Moments

“There is zero downsides to growing your Instagram presence” – Julia Marcum

“Maximize whatever you already have on hand” – Julia Marcum

“Consistency is what really drives audiences, they want to know when and what they can expect from you” – Julia Marcum

More About Julia Marcum:

We’re a couple of progress-embracing home renovators, bloggers, brand ambassadors, and educators. We love: modern cottage design, s’mores around the fire pit, and our three cute kids (but not in that order).

We started this blog in 2009, the year after we got married. But it wasn’t always a business! Like most bloggers back then, we were all about showing off our home projects and cute pictures of our kids. Our budget for home improvements was $20/month, and we were DIYing our hearts out (with borrowed tools).

In 2015, we took Instagram by the horns and started photographing our home and our projects with a *real* camera. We started talking to our audience every day. We got really consistent with our content, and we took big, go-with-your-gut risks.

A year later, Chris quit his day job, and we were pinching ourselves: We get to work on our house as a *job*. And we get to work right alongside each other.

Looking back, I probably should have known that the girl who would beg the local bakery to let her design their store window (and get paid in cookies) would find a way to make a living out of making spaces beautiful — a truly sweet life.

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