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Power Talk Friday: Carla Titus: Think Like a CEO By Outsourcing Your Numbers

Episode 843 of A Well-Designed Business®
843: Power Talk Friday: Carla Titus: Think Like a CEO By Outsourcing Your Numbers

Today With Carla Titus:

Welcome to A Well-Designed Business Podcast. Today we are joined by financial expert Carla Titus, founder and CEO of Wealth & Worth Within, a financial planning company offering fractional CFO services to transform business profitability.

Carla helps us understand what a fractional CFO is and how this service can provide the financial support and insight many businesses need to achieve financial clarity and plan for a profitable future. She specializes in helping 6- and 7-figure businesses gain control of their numbers with a 5-step framework she calls 2C3P that tackles financial health from all sides. Listen in to find out more.

Pick It Apart

[3:08] Carla walks through the roles of bookkeeper, CPA and CFO and the conversations you as a business owner should be having with each.

[8:58] Carla and LuAnn discusses the goal of hiring a CFO and improving the financial picture of the company .

[15:19] Carla talks about changing your mindset and thinking like the CEO of your business by looking at five key components in a framework she calls 2C3P: Cashflow, Capacity, Planning, Pay Compensation, and Profit.

[24:42] LuAnn and Carla discuss the seasonality of business, and the importance of being in tune with this as a business owner.

[31:32] Carla lists her non-negotiables she helps business owners set as goals for a successful business: cash in the bank, profitability, and paying yourself.

LuAnn Nigara and Carla Titus’ Ah-Ha Moments

“The beauty of bringing an expert into your business is that you do not need to know everything. That is the whole point of outsourcing your finances. You’re bringing that knowledge, and also that person that’s going to guide the process from beginning to end, [to] make you feel empowered and comfortable around your finances and your numbers.” – Carla Titus

“Don’t overthink what you don’t know.” – LuAnn Nigara

“There’s times where you need to step into that CEO role and work on your business, not in your business.” – Carla Titus

“Managing the influx and outflows of cash really can help a business be more financially stable, but also feel completely in control of what’s happening.” – Carla Titus

“If you want to sell your business one day, if you want to run a successful long term company, there has to be a salary for someone that is in charge.” – Carla Titus

More About Carla Titus:

Finance expert with over 15 years of combined corporate financial planning, analysis, strategy, and established online businesses fractional CFO consulting experience. Our company provides a vast array of on-demand CFO services that leverage our industry expertise. A well-rounded CFO team with Finance, Sales & Marketing, HR, Supply Chain, Online Business, Operations, Execution, Planning, and Tech background.

She provides fractional CFO services and financial consulting to business owners. Wealth & Worth Within’s mission is to empower business owners to achieve financial clarity and peace of mind, so that they can get back to what they enjoy.

She is dedicated to imparting financial knowledge in order to properly manage finances and achieve profitable results. She has applied that expertise to businesses, helping them grow by creating simple yet effective systems to improve cash flow management and bottom-line results.

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