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Jean Stoffer: Work in Harmony Through Every Season of Life

Episode 840 of A Well-Designed Business®
840: Jean Stoffer: Work in Harmony Through Every Season of Life

Today With Jean Stoffer:

Welcome to A Well-Designed Business! Today we are joined by the one and only Jean Stoffer. Jean is an award-winning independent designer, star of The Established Home on the Magnolia Network, and author of the newly released book Establishing Home. In our conversation, Jean offers a glimpse into her journey, showing us the joys of intertwining work and family, the benefits of an unhurried attitude, and the blessings each season of life has to offer.

Pick It Apart

[6:01] Jean discusses “being in the trenches” as she built her business from the ground up, learning cabinetry design, kitchen design, and troubleshooting at her own pace.

[10:10] LuAnn and Jean agree that cultural messages often pressure young designers to rush toward success, but both believe that isn’t always the right path. Jean discusses embracing the season you are in.

[16:50] Jean walks through the current family dynamic and everyone’s role in the Stoffer Home business.

[27:30] LuAnn and Jean talk about the importance of processes as you grow your business.

[48:00] Jean discusses working with the Magnolia Network and putting her work on television.

LuAnn Nigara and Jean Stoffer’s Ah-Ha Moments

“Our value system and reputation are just so bedrock for me and our family.” – Jean Stoffer.

“I really believe there are seasons for things, and it’s great to embrace those and accept them.” – Jean Stoffer.

“I think as a society, we are putting pressure on moms to think that you can have it all. And you actually can, but not all in the same season is my belief.” – LuAnn Nigara.

“It’s very important that the quality and all of the things connected with [your brand] remain as close as to your original vision and way of doing it.” – LuAnn Nigara.

More About Jean Stoffer:

Jean Stoffer is an award-winning Grand Rapids-based independent interior designer specializing in kitchen and bath designs. Each of her designs is custom suited for her clients’ lives and how they hope to use their home. Jean is also the founder of Stoffer Home, a retail store featuring beautiful and functional items for the home, and Stoffer Home Cabinetry, the source for Jean’s own line of quality, British-inspired flush inset cabinets. In December 2021, the Magnolia Network began airing The Established Home, a TV series featuring Jean and her design work.

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