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Power Talk Friday: Cheryl Clendenon: The Design Paradigm – Creating a Strong Framework For Your Interior Design Business

Episode 825 of A Well-Designed Business®
825: Power Talk Friday: Cheryl Clendenon: The Design Paradigm – Creating a Strong Framework For Your Interior Design Business

Today’s Show is Sponsored by the “The Design Paradigm”:

Welcome to A Well-Designed Business. For today’s sponsored show, I’m joined by Cheryl Clendenon of In Detail Interiors. Cheryl has been coaching other designers to success since 2017. Now, she’s launching a program called The Design Paradigm to give business owners everywhere a strong, solid framework for a thriving business. Today, she’s sharing how to lay the foundation for your business to grow, succeed, and thrive.

Pick It Apart

[2:38] Cheryl discusses the places she sees most designers struggling today.

[13:20] Cheryl and LuAnn discuss why having an established process matters so much.

[16:58] Cheryl talks about the importance of weaving marketing into every phase of your business.

[20:22] Cheryl shares how defining your product opens the doors for your business.

[36:22] Cheryl breaks down the details of the Design Paradigm and how it can help your business.

LuAnn Nigara and Cheryl Clendenon’s Ah-Ha Moments

“I think that sometimes in the excitement of these new programs or new approaches, we forget that we need to sell the creative vision and not the independent parts and pieces that make up the creative vision.” -Cheryl

“There’s a crisis in confidence in how to charge and how to determine fees—that’s a direct result of not understanding your product and the benefits you bring to the project.” -LuAnn

More About Cheryl Clendenon:

Cheryl is casual and funny about many things but serious about business and marketing.

22 years of full-time, non-stop running a successful business -with a team for 21 of those 22 years. Prior to that, she was the sales and marketing manager for 2 Gannett-owned radio stations where she learned at the feet of some of the best sales trainers in the country.

She was promoted to be the youngest manager in the company at the time and the youngest to be awarded salesperson of the year.

She will tell you sales, marketing, and running a small business are as much of a passion for her as design.

A well-known writer in the industry for several years and honored to be the 2021 Person of the Year from KBB Magazine. Her firm employs 9 people, has a retail boutique showroom, e-commerce, Candle Studio, and has been coaching since 2017.

Her approach is from a creative stance always- and is unapologetic about often saying what others think.

Her ideas and insights in running a business and then– promoting it– work for those who commit to leading, want to put the work in, are not afraid to go against conventions, and are passionate about growth in some way or another.

Liz brings a different dynamic to the party by being the VP of Everything at the firm and an accomplished designer in her own right. She and Cheryl are the yin and yang of the company.

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