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Hailey Kolbe: How to Vet Inquiries, Spot Red Flags, and Attract Your Ideal Client

Episode 808 of A Well-Designed Business®
808: Hailey Kolbe: How to Vet Inquiries, Spot Red Flags, and Attract Your Ideal Client

Today With Hailey Kolbe:

Welcome to A Well-Designed Business! Today I am joined by Hailey Kolbe, the founder and principal designer of her referral-based design firm, Hailey Kolbe Design, which specializes in full-service design for new builds and remodels. Do you know the value of a thorough client work-up? Today, Hailey and I discuss the importance of a thorough evaluation of your client inquiry forms, how to spot red flags, and set expectations with your clients so you set yourself, and your client, up for success. Tune in today to hear how these critical steps can ultimately help you attract your ideal client and be more profitable.

More About Hailey Kolbe:

Hailey Kolbe Design is a referral-based design firm ran by founder and lead designer Hailey Kolbe. HK Design specializes in full-service design for new builds and remodels. At the heart of the business is Hailey’s devotion to serving others and creating a unique design experience tailored to each client project. Through developing long lasting relationships with her clients, Hailey and her team create spaces reflective of each homeowner’s personality and lifestyle.

HK Design cultivates a client experience through a comprehensive materials presentation, the provision of on-site support throughout the construction process and concludes with the furnishing installation. It is Hailey’s priority to curate beautiful, yet functional spaces and a bespoke experience for each of her clients to enjoy while bringing the custom design to fruition.

A native Texan and Texas A&M graduate, Hailey began working as a Registered Nurse before her creative abilities, driven spirit, and deep faith transformed her profession in 2015 into a flourishing interior design career. She spent many years designing homes at a full-service design firm and furniture showroom where she gained experience in design, project management, retail and merchandising. Hailey’s design experience highlights full service residential remodels, new construction, and furnishings. Her work can be seen in Texas living Publications and Luxe Interior Design Magazine. Over the years, Hailey has honed her skills by growing resources and relationships to provide the best products and qualified contractors for each individual project.

Hailey also offers mentorship to fellow designers called “Mentorship by Hailey.” She has experienced many wonderful mentors throughout her career as a designer and recognizes mentorship is indispensable for the success of Hailey Kolbe Design. She knows firsthand the importance of having one person to trust with the details of your business, to help guide you through decisions and provide encouragement to take the next step in order for your business to grow. This mentorship is designed to support you and your business in a unique way as she is currently in the midst of running her own business, navigating hard decisions, seeking to grow and serve her clients in a way that provides the very best experience.

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