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Power Talk Friday: Jeannie Andresen: Turning Down Interior Design Business

Episode 805 of A Well-Designed Business®
805: Power Talk Friday: Jeannie Andresen: Turning Down Interior Design Business

Today With Jeannie Andresen:

Welcome to a Well-Designed Business. I often hear from designers who struggle to turn down undesirable businesses. That makes sense—it can be hard to say no to the wrong fit. It takes work on your own mindset to learn how to do that. Today, business coach Jeannie Andresen joins me to guide you through a straightforward process to determine your own worth, charge accordingly, and turn away the business that doesn’t align with it.

Pick It Apart

[7:52] Jeannie breaks down the art of the 10-minute phone call for crisis communication.

[19:47] Jeannie explains why removing emotion makes business decisions easier.

[38:22] LuAnn and Jeannie discuss why undercharging hurts both you and the client.

[45:18] Jeannie shares how to overcome feeling bad about saying no.

LuAnn Nigara and Jeannie Andresen’s Ah-Ha Moments

“If you’re going to convince yourself of a story, why don’t we just try a different story? Let’s say that if you say $6,000 then they thought it was going to be $10,000 and they are thrilled. Because that is just as likely as the story that they were expecting $3,000 and $6,000 is too much. We made them both up.” -LuAnn

“You have to remember that in the tough conversations, the other person just wants to hear sometimes that you know a mistake was made. You don’t have to take it as a personal hit.” -LuAnn

“The worse feeling is when you give a quote and they say yes to it quickly and you just crumble because you think you should have charged more. How does that allow you to show up moving forward with that client?” -Jeannie

More About Jeannie Andresen:

Jeannie is a former corporate director turned life and business coach who specializes in helping interior designers become confident in both business and leadership.

Jeannie’s background includes a decade of experience in corporate America, running a recruiting business inside a Fortune 100 finance firm. Her role included directly managing a team of six, indirectly managing a team of thirty, and onboarding, training, and coaching sales professionals to develop habits of success to reach their business goals.

Jeannie now focuses her business on teaching interior designers the processes of running an organized, successful, and efficient business, so they can finally become confident in their business abilities and make the money they deserve.

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What Level is Your Design Business?