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Gillian Segal: How and Where to Build a Professional Community

Episode 802 of A Well-Designed Business®
802: Gillian Segal: How and Where to Build a Professional Community

Today With Gillian Segal:

Welcome to A Well-Designed Business. Today I am sitting down with Gillian Segal, owner of Gillian Segal Design and HUGE supporter of relationships. But that’s not Gillian’s only passion. Gillian’s skill of sourcing has also contributed to her company’s success. Tune in to learn how strong relationships in all aspects of her business and how growing her ‘black book’ of vendors has made Gillian’s firm successful in six years.

Pick It Apart

[3:00] Gillian starts us right off on what developing community means to her.

[7:38] How Gillian develops her supportive and collaborative team.

[26:36] Gillian brings the same principles in strengthening relationships with her clients.

[33:23] What comes to mind for Gillian in terms of the community with vendors and peers.

LuAnn Nigara and Gillian Segal’s Ah-Ha Moments

“Design is a team sport because it definitely takes a village.” – Gillian Segal

“Some things are out of our control, but what is in our control is how we conduct ourselves with our partners.” – Gillian Segal

“The things that got you to your first $500,000 won’t be the things that will get you to your first million to your second million, and so on.” – LuAnn Nigara

More About Gillian Segal:

Gillian believes that design can have a profoundly positive impact on quality of life and has always had a passion for interior design and its influence on the way we feel day-to-day. At a young age, Gillian watched her parents build their first family home, and from that experience, she always knew that she wanted to change people’s lives through design.

After completing her Bachelor of Arts Degree, Gillian pursued her love for design by attending B.C.I.T’s Interior Design program and graduated magna cum laude. From there, she earned her CID and began working with some of Vancouver’s top design studios, which catapulted the start of her eponymous design firm. Now servicing major cities, including Vancouver, Los Angeles, New York, and beyond, Gillian works with clients around the globe to create highly personalized spaces that speak authentically to their lifestyles.

With an emphasis on playful, modern, and eclectic glamour, Gillian’s work is ever-evolving and frequently inspired by her travels and love for shifting styles throughout the decades. Gillian prioritizes the blending of old and new design aesthetics in order to continuously produce one-of-a-kind timeless spaces for her clients.

Passionate about collaborative initiatives, Gillian continues to expand her endeavors in the product development market. She is the co-founder of Saint Lunette, which focuses on servicing developers, and most recently has curated a product design and wallpaper collection with Drop It Modern.

Gillian has also shared her expertise as an interior design contributor and writer for marthastewart.com and Gray Malin.

In between site checks and design appointments, she loves spending time with her family and raising her young children. When she’s not working, Gillian is passionate about giving back and often participates in volunteer work around her community. Gillian is excited to expand her reach and bring her tailored design approach to more of her favorite cities around the world.

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