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Richelle Plett: How to Sell Upholstery Without a Sit Test

Episode 800 of A Well-Designed Business®
800: Richelle Plett: How to Sell Upholstery Without a Sit Test

Today With Richelle Plett:

Welcome to A Well-Designed Business, with Richelle Plett, seasoned interior designer, and expert in upholstered furniture. We talk about her proprietary course, Upholstery Uncovered, which is accompanied by her, literally beautiful, book by the same name. We also talk about her exciting new 3-hour intensive course available through LuAnn University starting fall 2022, called “Close more upholstered furniture sales: No sit test required!”. This episode and her courses are for you if you have ever struggled to sell upholstered pieces to your clients without a “sit test”. When you know the ergonomics of upholstered pieces and the construction of them, you can confidently specify comfortable, beautiful upholstered furniture without the stress and anxiety of “will they like it”? Be the expert and learn how to confidently sell upholstered furniture even when your client cannot try it themselves.

Pick It Apart

[4:00] LuAnn and Richelle explain the importance of how you can build trust by having the knowledge of what you are selling.

[7:02] As a full service interior designer, Richelle shares how she came to know so much about upholstery.

[20:45] Richelle runs through some of the topics covered in her book, Upholstery Uncovered.

[31:30] Information on Richelle’s upcoming course for LuAnn University.

LuAnn Nigara and Richelle Plett’s Ah-Ha Moments

“From a sales standpoint, anytime I can understand exactly what I am talking about it’s so much easier to sell.” – LuAnn Nigara

“As a designer, you need to be able to read the frame, look at it and notice that this particular fabric, whether I’m reupholstering it or selecting a custom fabric and recognize how that is going to look.” – Richelle Plett

“Once you have a good understanding about what your client’s needs are for the upholstered piece in that space, it basically designs itself.” Richelle Plett

More About Richelle Plett:

Craving a way to confidently source custom upholstery and meet your client’s needs without resorting to crowdsourcing social media for the answer? Then you should know Richelle Plett.

In addition to being a “seasoned” interior designer, Richelle has developed a course called UPHOLSTERY UNCVOVERED that teaches design professionals how to identify and analyze upholstery construction materials and methods so they can make informed decisions on their client’s behalf.

Having previously owned an upholstery studio that specialized in the restoration of vintage seating, Richelle has had the unique opportunity to observe how various materials and construction methods wear in real life.

In UPHOLSTERY UNCOVERED, she presents the information in an unbiased manner diving deep into frames, foundations, springs, cushions, fabrics, and custom fabric application, and empowers students to confidently specify custom upholstery WITHOUT clients insisting on sitting on it first!

When not geeking out over the pros and cons of 8-way hand-tied coils springs, Richelle can be found on her own sofa with her dog streaming a documentary and devouring black jellybeans.

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