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Allison Handler: From Fashion Designer to Interior Designer: Earning $1 Million Gross in Her First Year

Episode 796 of A Well-Designed Business®
796: Allison Handler: From Fashion Designer to Interior Designer: Earning $1 Million Gross in Her First Year

Today With Allison Handler:

Welcome to A Well-Design Business. Today I am joined by Allison Handler, owner of Allison Handler Design. Through listening to AWDB, taking courses at LuAnn University, facing hard challenges and creating important relationships, Allison earned $1 million in gross sales, in her first year of business.

Allison reached out to me and I was impressed with her work ethic and story. She wanted to share with you everything she learned in that first year, including what she learned about systems and processes, forming relationships, and the hard lessons along the way. Enjoy!

Pick It Apart

[13:18] Allison starts to share her story.

[27:19] Allison provides tips on how she navigates the conversation regarding budget.

[37:05] Allison shares struggles and aha moments along the way.

[39:20] What Allison would suggest for someone who doesn’t feel like they have a good trade support team.

LuAnn Nigara and Allison Handler’s Ah-Ha Moments

“I can’t be successful, if I don’t know the budget and it’s not realistic.” – Allison Handler

“There’s so much power to the relationships that we build, but the motor to that power is having the courage to put yourself out there.” – LuAnn Nigara

More About Allison Handler:

It all begins and ends with relationships. Allison Handler Design prides itself on building and maintaining incredible relationships with both clients and vendors, working hard every day to make sure that a client’s wants and needs are satisfied by keeping a close-knit but wide-reaching team of vendor partners on hand to seamlessly execute the vision. As lead designer and visionary, Allison oversees all projects, ensuring the AHD aesthetic is incorporated while keeping the client’s personal preferences foremost. We strongly believe in making the most out of every clients’ budget, and source from the best mid-to-high end suppliers including well-known brands and exclusive smaller artisans, to ensure long lasting and high quality products that will last and feel unique to each space.

On a personal note, Allison was born and raised right here in Bergen County, NJ. After moving to Florida at age 15 with her family, she returned to the northeast after college to pursue a career in the fashion industry. Twenty years later, after getting married and having a family of her own, she knew it was time for a change. Allison Handler Design was born, almost by accident, after several friends and family members asked for help with their own home projects. Building off her fashion roots, Allison discovered she had a major passion and natural talent for interiors and decided to pursue it as a new career path. Allison Handler Design is now a thriving business thanks to the support of current and past clients, and we look forward to continuing to grow and carve out our place in this little corner of the world.

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