What Level is Your Design Business?

Rick Campos: Design Biz Survival Guide- The Answer to All Your Business Questions

Episode 790 of A Well-Designed Business®

Today With Rick Campos:

Welcome to a Well-Designed Business. Whether we’ve had it for 6 months or 5 years, we still have questions when running our design business. The experience may not be the same, but the questions we ask ourselves are. It’s the circumstances that change. 

Today with Rick Campos, who does freelance consulting exclusively for the interior design community, we tackle these questions that linger in our minds and all of the resources that are all around us that can answer them.

More About Rick Campos:

Rick Campos is a self proclaimed “recovering interior designer” with fifteen years of experience in the design industry. Formerly Director of Business Development for a notable Orange County design firm, his daily interactions with architects, builders, vendors and clients contributes to a broad perspective of the design industry.


In 2018 Rick traded in his tape measure for a microphone and launched Design Biz Survival Guide – a podcast about life and business for interior design professionals – with the intention of informing and inspiring the design community.


In 2019 Rick integrated freelance consulting into the platform with an emphasis on “the business of design” exclusively for the interior design community. He has since helped numerous design entrepreneurs grow their business to new levels.


The platform has since evolved to include annual business development retreats, learning opportunities, networking events, and an online community.


“My mission is to be the source of information and inspiration to interior design entrepreneurs that I needed when I launched my own design business back in 2007. To promote and further develop a design community that supports and empowers fellow design professionals on their journey in life and business.”


Pick it apart:

[4:00] Rick introduces what we will be talking about today, that a creative business is still a business.

[6:57] Rick addresses challenges that may arise from three to ten years down the road of owning your design business.

[16:24] Rick tells us the types of questions designers ask each other when they connect.

[33:40] Our conversation continues with great questions to ask your colleagues, including their background. 

[38:27] Rick gives us details about his 3rd annual Design Biz Retreat. 

[42:05] Rick talks about his expertise; selling luxury.


LuAnn and Rick Campos’ Ah-Ha Moments

“No matter how long we’re in our design business the questions we have are the same, it’s the circumstances that are different.” – Rick Campos


“It’s the conversations with other people in the business that answer your questions, not Google or Youtube.” – Rick Campos


“What I have said one billion times is that people buy people and process, not products.” – LuAnn Nigara


“If anyone is going to help guide you, it’s going to be a fellow designer because they’re already doing it.” – Rick Campos


“Getting together with other people who do what you do is one of the most enjoyable ways to push the envelope on your business.” – LuAnn Nigara


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What Level is Your Design Business?