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Rydhima Brar: Bringing Your Roots and Your Story Into Interior Design

Episode 780 of A Well-Designed Business®

Today with Rydhima Brar:

Welcome to a Well-Designed Business. Today, Rydhima Brar of R/terior Studio shares her story and her journey to design with us. From her childhood in Kuwait, to her corporate career in LA, to launching her own firm at the beginning of the pandemic, to amazing growth and press attention—Rydhima shares how her story, and how storytelling in general, laid the foundation for her design career.

Pick it apart:

  • [5:00] Rydhima shares her journey and discusses her connection to construction and design during childhood in Kuwait. 
  • [16:08] Rydhima discusses how a difficult personal experience launched the rebirth of her career and pushed her into her passion—design. 
  • [32:05] Rydhima and LuAnn discuss the Kaleidoscope Project and Rydhima’s experience with it. 
  • [46:26] Rydhima reflects on her path and what she has learned.

LuAnn and Rydhima Brar’s Ah-Ha moments:

“My world just turned upside down. It was a scary thing—my journey was terrifying. But during that time when I was home, a rebirth happened. I gave birth to my daughter and I gave birth to my business. That’s when I decide to really pursue my passion and remove myself from a place of fear and anxiety and into a sense of calm. Design became a place of refuge for me.” -Rydhima Brar


“That is the key. When you are determined, then you make things happen. It’s not a passive thing—starting a business. It’s not just an idea you put on paper that unfolds in front of you. It’s waking up everyday, recommitting to taking action, to being determined, to being undeterred, to believing in yourself and knowing that you’re worth it, that you’re worth doing this career.” -LuAnn Nigara

More about Rydhima Brar:

Rydhima Brar grew up in Kuwait, where her childhood was filled with breathtaking design & architecture, helping out with her father’s construction business. In 1990, the effects of the Gulf War drew Rydhima and her family to leave their home in the cover of night for another country. Returning to Kuwait after the war, I experienced the rebuilding of our home, and the rebirth of a nation. As her father then rebuilt his business, she helped him organize his building materials and sample libraries, always complaining but secretly loving every minute of it.

As a young adult, she then took to New York City to begin a career in Business and Finance, yet her love for design never left her. After several years, it was a move to L.A. that sparked the next evolution for her career, now shifting toward design, a transition that was gradual yet inevitable. Starting with her own condo, she rediscovered her love for an approachable + functional + luxe aesthetic, using bold color and unique pieces throughout. Friends were impressed with the result and Rydhima then began to help design their spaces.

A few projects later, she found herself fully immersed in the world of professional design, where she felt she belonged. She then balanced going back to school while working on projects, and the pages of the new chapter were lled with new experiences and challenges, which eventually led to the most recent chapter, the birth of her own business, R/terior Studio.


Rydhima has a blog dedicated to discovering what your favorite cocktail says about your interior design style! Rydhima believes that craft cocktails, much like interiors, need to be carefully crafted with attention to every detail to become a masterpiece—Each ingredient, or design element, has a purpose, and when paired well with other ingredients, the result is sophisticated, balanced, and bold. Check-out the blog HERE.

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