What Level is Your Design Business?

Power Talk Friday: Madeleine MacRae: What Should the CEO of an Interior Design Firm Be Doing?

Episode 779 of A Well-Designed Business®
779: Power Talk Friday: Madeleine MacRae: What Should the CEO of an Interior Design Firm Be Doing?


Welcome to a Well-Designed Business. For today’s Power Talk Friday, I’m sitting down with long-time friend of the show and Power Talk Friday expert Madeleine MacRae.

I often hear from listeners and designers who understand that the old adage, “You have to work on your business, not in your business,” is true if they want to grow and scale. But they don’t always understand what that actually looks like. Madeleine breaks down the CEO-level activities that let you scale at each stage of business.

Pick it apart:

  • [3:48] Madeleine breaks down the four stage of business and what each one entails.
  • [9:58] Madeleine and LuAnn discuss the value in knowing what level of business you desire to end up at.
  • [17:31] Madeleine breaks down the CEO-level activities that solopreneurs should be doing.
  • [27:35] Madeleine shares what the CEO must do as an owner/operator.
  • [46:54] Madeleine discusses the high-level activities that business owners should be doing at the owner/manager level.
  • [55:55] Madeleine talks about the ultimate goal for those who want to scale—the true CEO level.

LuAnn and Madeleine MacRae’s Ah-Ha Moments

“It’s really important to remember that growth eats capital. So sometimes we get this idea of “I just want to become I want to go to owner operator, and then I want to go to owner manager, then I want to go to CEO” overlooks the fact that you’re having to take that profit that your business is generating and reinvest into different things. learning, all of the things that you have to decide if you want to take it on.” -Madeleine MacRae

“If you don’t have secured lead flow and you don’t know how to turn that faucet on higher, you will never be able to move out of solopreneurship.” -Madeleine MacRae

“To look back and think about the growth and the pain and the struggle and the rewards of each of the levels as I’ve worked my way through the different various stages and still stay in—it’s a crazy feeling to be in the various stages at the same time with different companies.” -LuAnn Nigara

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What Level is Your Design Business?