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Tiffany Cassidy: Niching into Vacation Home Design

Episode 770 of A Well-Designed Business®

Today with Tiffany Cassidy:

Welcome to a Well-Designed Business. Today I am joined by Tiffany Cassidy, co-founder and principal designer of Lagnappe Custom Interiors. Tiffany and I discuss the fear some have about niching down your business and how Tiffany powered through her own fear. Every guest that has been on the show that has chosen a niche has said that it was the best decision they made for their business. Tiffany couldn’t agree more and she has done such a wonderful job at combining her past experiences with what she’s learned from coach Tobi Fairley to niche into her luxury vacation rental design business. Please join us to learn about Tiffany’s niching journey and the versatile services that Lagnappe Custom Interiors has to offer.   

Pick it apart:

  • [6:13] Tiffany starts to tell us about when she decided to niche her design firm down and how she went about it.

    [16:30] Tiffany explains her initial resistance in niching down. 

    [20:15] Additional services that Lagnappe Interiors offers, also for those who want to DIY. 

    [32:45] Tiffany tells us more about her Designer for a Day Program and Master Plan program.

LuAnn and Tiffany Cassidy’s Ah-Ha moments:

“Part of my resistance to niche down was wanting to keep my options open. It felt scary to  limit, but learned it wasn’t limiting at all because people would come to me for help.” – Tiffany Cassidy


“I encourage other designers to niche down because it frees up your mind in so many ways and helps you grow your business in a specific manner.” – Tiffany Cassidy 


As designers when we are doing full service projects working with project managers and contractors, when we make our project book we should ask ourselves what are all of the potential questions they could ask us.” – Tiffany Cassidy 

More about Tiffany Cassidy:

A native of California with both a degree in chemistry and a highly creative side, Tiffany has been designing beautiful homes and commercial spaces in the U.S. Virgin Islands for her long list of clients since 2002. She marries her artistic and scientific sides together by transforming the intangible into breathtaking, cohesive and highly functional designs delivered in systematic and organized bliss. Tiffany considers it a privilege to be invited into other people’s homes to help them transform their personal spaces and her goal is to not only make your home prettier but in doing so, make your life better.

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