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Power Talk Friday: Leah Neaderthal: Sales Techniques for Introverts

Episode 769 of A Well-Designed Business®
769: Power Talk Friday: Leah Neaderthal: Sales Techniques for Introverts

Today with Leah Neaderthal:

Welcome to A Well Designed Business.  As you probably know, I am as extroverted as they come—a trait which I believe plays into my sales success. But extroversion isn’t necessary to be a good salesperson. In fact, my guest today, Leah Neaderthal, would say that introverts possess several qualities that make them natural sales superstars—if they know how to tap into them and use them. She’s sharing how to do just that, teaching introverts how to sell with strength and confidence.

Pick it apart:

[2:00] Leah shares why being an introvert is actually a sales superpower.

[5:39] LuAnn and Leah discuss the importance of tapping into what your client is saying, even if they aren’t actually saying it.

[7:39] Leah talks about diving deep into the value you are bringing to your clients.

[18:02] Leah and LuAnn discuss the strength of saying no.

[25:46] Leah points out ways that we unknowingly get clients to say no.

[35:07] Leah shares two mindset shifts for selling to mid-size companies or corporate clients.

LuAnn and Leah Neaderthal’s Ah-Ha Moments

“To all the introverts out there—I see you, I validate you, I am you. I do want to let you know that the things that make you an introvert and make you the way you are actually are your superpower when it comes to selling.” -Leah Neaderthal

“The most successful salespeople are people who listen, who ask a question, stop talking, and observe. People aren’t always saying expressly in words exactly what they intend to say. By asking questions, listening, and observing, we start to uncover the nuggets that show what the pain point of our client actually is. We have to know these things to come up with the solution for them to make selling to them easy.” -LuAnn Nigara

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