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Jaipur Living: A New Collaboration with Kate Lester

Episode 768 of A Well-Designed Business®
768: Jaipur Living: A New Collaboration with Kate Lester

Today with Kate Lester:

Welcome to A Well Designed Business.  On today’s sponsored show with Kate Lester Interiors, we’re taking a look at the Harman collection—a line of beautiful vintage reproduction rugs, inspired by Kate’s travels and passions. In collaboration with Jaipur Living, Kate launched the Harman collection to bring the beauty of one-of-a-kind elaborate vintage rugs to modern designs for all levels of clients.

Pick it apart:

[1:29] Kate shares the story of how she and Jaipur Living came together to launch the Harman collection.

[7:33] Kate gives insight into what reproductive vintage pieces are and why they are desirable.

[13:03] Kate discusses her vision for the collection and how it came to fruition.

[18:50] Kate tells LuAnn about the Turkish roots of the collection’s name and its symbolism for the project.

[24:03] Kate discusses the inspiration and design process used for the rugs.

[32:38] Kate shares how her background in marketing helps her stand stronger in her business.

More About Kate Lester:

Kate Lester is the creative director and CEO of Kate Lester Interiors & Kate Lester HOME. With a diversely talented design team in her studio, and two retail stores in Southern California, – Kate is thrilled to be spreading her unique design vision with the masses. Her style ethos is all about creating spaces that weave classic lines, vintage finds, modern moments, and an infusion of at least “one weird thing”. Kate attended USC’s prestigious Marshall School of Business, and went on to study Design and Architecture at Otis College in Los Angeles. Her industry experience includes working for some of Hollywood’s most famous designers before launching her own firm in 2010. Thriving at the intersection of livable luxury, humor, and realism- Kate believes that the homes she designs should always be carefully crafted, thoughtfully curated, and a direct reflection of the people who inhabit them. When not designing, Kate can be found in Southern California dragging her family to flea markets, running on the beach, or hesitantly participating in a plethora of extreme sports with her extremely persuasive (and brave) husband and daughter.

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