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Window Treatment Friday: Pricing Window Treatments: How to Ballpark the Numbers on the Fly

Episode 761 of A Well-Designed Business®
761: Window Treatment Friday: Pricing Window Treatments: How to Ballpark the Numbers on the Fly

Today with Vita Vygovska

Welcome to A Well-Designed Business! Today is Window Treatment Friday, and we are debuting part 2 of our Pricing Window Treatment Series. Vita is back with some great tools that she has learned to use when pricing a window treatment to a consumer.

Vita and I understand the challenges with pricing, that it isn’t cutthroat and that there are so many variables that go into a window treatment. Tune in to learn the general pricing guidelines for a designer, and also how you can uplevel your conversations with your client by knowing how to ballpark the price within minutes of the consultation.

Pick It Apart:

  • [5:59] Vita and LuAnn reflect on why you as a designer need to understand the numbers behind the formulas.
  • [11:30] Vita breaks down what markup is and how to calculate yours.
  • [17:36] Vita shares insight on the multiplier—an often misunderstood part of the equation.
  • [27:50] Vita walks us through margins and the formula behind them.
  • [38:40] LuAnn highlights how you and the window treatment professional can both come away with profit.

Ah-Ha Moments with LuAnn Nigara and Vita Vygovska:

“When someone in your world understands that what you sell a product affects the financial health and viability of your business, that’s what creates a sustainable business.” – LuAnn Nigara

“The highest chance of you getting an order is if you can ball park the customer’s investment together on that first visit.” – Vita Vygovska

“You are accustomed as the designer and have the ability to know the numbers for what is “good, better, and best” and accurately come up with investment ranges on the discovery call before running in circles.” -LuAnn Nigara

When you show a pictorial presentation to a client of different budgets, it’s no longer just about the money. It’s about what they like, what the room will look like and how they will feel in that room.” – Vita Vygovska

More About Vita Vygovska

Vita is the CEO and founder of Vitalia Inc., a nationally recognized authority on quality window treatments and soft furnishings, located in the Metro Philadelphia area of Pennsylvania. Vitalia Inc. is your workroom and your partner for custom window treatments. Their mission is to provide value to their clients and improve their lives.

Vita would love to talk to you. Share your feedback, questions, problems, and challenges with her, and also your wins. You can email her at vita@vitaliainc.com

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