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Power Talk Friday: Liz Beaman Delman: Fine Art is an Asset, Not an Accessory

Episode 755 of A Well-Designed Business®
755: Power Talk Friday: Liz Beaman Delman: Fine Art is an Asset, Not an Accessory

Today with Liz Beaman Delman:

Welcome to A Well Designed Business. I love today’s conversation because we are diving a little into the art world. How many of us designers have intimidation or lack of knowledge into having that conversation with our clients to incorporate fine art into their project? I see you in the back with your hand raised. Well we’re in luck because today we are chatting with Liz Beaman Delman, founder of Above the Sofa, an art advisory firm. Liz aims to bring confidence to designers to have those “artsy” conversations with their clients and to incorporate fine art into their projects. You know that we love anything that will help a designer be more profitable. Enjoy!

Pick it apart:

  • [1:36] Liz explains her reasoning behind wanting to empower designers to bring more fine art into their projects.[8:48] Liz tells us the process in which she works with the designer, whether they have some experience working with the art world or have zero experience.

    [33:05] More business benefits for designers who open their clients’ eyes to fine art.

    [37:30] Liz’s experience working with showhouses and that process.

More About Liz Beaman Delman:

Liz Beaman Delman is a twenty-year veteran of the art world and is a foremost expert in American Art. Liz honed her expertise during two decades as a Specialist at Sotheby’s and Christie’s, where she was a Senior Vice President and ran the American Art department.

Art is in Liz’s DNA. Her paternal grandfather was an abstract artist and the Andrew W. Mellon Professor of Art at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. Her maternal grandparents began collecting then avant-garde Contemporary Art in the 1970s and continued to do so until their passing. Inspired by the creativity of her grandfather’s work and the beautiful way in which her grandparents chose to live with their collection, Liz began to pursue a career in the arts beginning in high school. Twenty-five years later Liz still cites their influence as the guiding principle behind her work.

In addition to founding Above the Sofa, Liz runs an art advisory firm, Beaman Delman Fine Arts, focused on secondary market sales and all aspects of art advisory and collection management. Liz splits her time between New York and Los Angeles and has held volunteer leadership roles in both cities.  She has been on the board of the Archives of American Art, a member of the Director’s Council at the Guggenheim, a member of the Director’s Circle at the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles, and three affinity groups at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art including the Collector’s Committee.  Liz is a graduate of Vanderbilt University and a native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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