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Flash Back Friday: Cheryl Janis : Defining and Owning Your Niche

Episode 720 of A Well-Designed Business®
720: Flash Back Friday: Cheryl Janis : Defining and Owning Your Niche

On Today’s Flashback Friday

Welcome to a Well-Designed Business. On today’s Flashback episode, we revisit episode 41 with Cheryl Janis. After an accident left her searching for help in the world of natural medicine, Cheryl realized that there was a powerful niche waiting for her—designing for boutique visionaries in the holistic health world. Niching opened up a world of possibility for her, and brought more joy to her business than she had experienced in her 19 years of design.

Pick it apart:

    • [5:45] Cheryl shares her story of how a frightening accident and a difficult recovery led to her niche.
    • [13:08] Cheryl highlights the positives her niche brought to her business.
    • [20:20] LuAnn and Cheryl pick apart the scary parts of niching and how Cheryl overcame them.
    • [27:23] Cheryl explains evidence-based design and how it helped her improve as a designer.
    • [56:08] Cheryl shares how “snail mail” gives her a unique opportunity to connect with clients.

LuAnn and Cheryl’s Ah-Ha moments:

“All this creativity that felt bottled up when I was a generalist suddenly started to explode, and I couldn’t be more thrilled with that.” -Cheryl Janis

“When something is gnawing at you, and you’re not happy in what you do, you want to find that thing that does make you happy. Sometimes that’s difficult. Sometimes it takes years to do.” -Cheryl Janis

“I think it’s terrific, and it could be executed by anyone to any niche. It could be bathrooms, kitchens, nursery, commercial, lawyers offices. The point is, find the thing that when you’re doing and creating that space, you’re not looking at the clock. It’s what projects you are drawn to.” -LuAnn Nigara

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