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Geoff Siebold: Luxury Carpet Knowledge for the Interior Designer

Episode 713 of A Well-Designed Business®
713: Geoff Siebold: Luxury Carpet Knowledge for the Interior Designer

Today with Geoff Siebold

Welcome to a Well-Designed Business. Today, we’re diving into the world of luxury carpets. While most of us don’t understand the intricate inner workings of carpets, my guest today, Geoff Siebold of Stanton Carpet, thinks that we should, and I agree with him. In this episode, Geoff explains to me what we need to understand about the practicality of different carpet types so that we can steer our clients in the right direction and offer them more value through our own knowledge and expertise.

Pick it apart:

  • [4:15] Geoff discusses how the environment and lifestyle of your clients affect carpet choice, and what “practical luxury” means.
  • [10:49] Geoff highlights how synthetic carpets have improved over time, offering more choices for your clients.
  • [22:00] Geoff gives us a deep-dive into the construction of carpets and what it means for your clients.
  • [33:10] Geoff and LuAnn discuss how different traffic areas impact carpet choices, and talk about a special tool to help your clients.
  • [44:57] Geoff reminds us of the factors that affect a carpet’s performance.

LuAnn and Geoff Siebold’s Ah-Ha moments:

“It’s important to understand your environment….One of the catchphrases for Stanton is ‘practical luxury.’ It’s having a product that looks fantastic but is suited either with fiber or construction to withstand everyday maintenance. There certainly is a time and a place for the luxury setting, whether it’s a master suite, or you’re an empty nester and there isn’t a lot of traffic or pets. But as a general rule, you want to make sure that if it’s a space with a lot of traffic, it’s a durable construction.” -Geoff Siebold

“What you’re saying is that companies like yours, Stanton, the big products, if your mission is to educate the sales staff and support staff at the designer trade room, then we only have to say to them, ‘I want more information beyond the look the style, the feel, I want to really understand what it is that I should know about carpeting so that I am an informed person when I go to do my projects.’” -LuAnn Nigara

“I think many of the designers that are bold enough, and brave enough, and assertive enough to bring knowledge to the table, those are the ones that add value. It’s not ‘whatever the end-user wants, the end-user gets,’ it’s got to be one of those things where not only do we know what’s best for the interior in terms of color, style, and pattern, but now we need to talk about the actual practical living that you’re going to have to accommodate to get this type of product. That upfront management of expectations is so important.” -Geoff Siebold

More about Geoff Siebold:

Geoff Siebold has been passionately engaged in the luxury carpet and area rug market for over 22 years. He began his career as a manufacturer’s sales agent representing high-end carpet and rug brands throughout the Midwestern United States. He was responsible for cultivating business from designers, architectural firms and wholesale-direct showrooms. Within a year, he was hired by one of the manufacturers to become their Midwest Regional V.P. of sales. He was the youngest manager in the company’s history. From there he moved on to be a National Director of Dealer Sales for a prominent luxury area rug manufacturer. In early 2007, Geoff returned to his agency roots and once again represented the best domestic and international manufacturers and distributors in the luxury carpet market.

Then, in 2014, Stanton Carpet hired him to be their National Sales manager for Antrim Carpet and ultimately the National V.P. of premiere brands including Antrim, Rosecore and Crescent Carpets. Geoff has extensive experience helping designers curate products and leverage technologies in order to grow business and add value to their clients. He has also developed specific training programs aimed at helping designers better understand fiber, construction and application of luxury carpets.

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