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Power Talk Friday: George Oliphant: George to the Rescue

Episode 704 of A Well-Designed Business®

Today with George Oliphant:

Welcome to A Well-Designed Business. It’s Power Talk Friday! George Oliphant from NBC’s George to the Rescue shares how the show (now in the 12th season) came about, how he chooses designers to help him, and why relationships matter. New Jersey designer, Campbell Minister, was chosen as the featured designer (who then chose Window Works to supply the window treatments!).

Pick it apart:

[14:43] George shares how he got the George to the Rescue opportunity


[38:42] LuAnn asks George how a designer can put themselves up to be a designer on the show


[45:33] LuAnn explains the connection between relationships and opportunities

LuAnn and George Oliphant’s Ah-Ha moments:

“It all comes down to relationships. Who have you taken the time to know? Who have you taken the time to help along the way?” – LuAnn


“I wanted to be part of the helping.” – George Oliphant


“People really like to help other people – and if they can, they will.” – George Oliphant

More About George Oliphant:

George Oliphant is the popular Emmy Award-winning host of NBC’s George to the Rescue, a weekly national home improvement show. For 12 seasons, George and his team of contractors and interior designers have rescued deserving homeowners and community centers.  

George Oliphant started out his career as a touring children’s theatre actor. He quickly transitioned to become the host of Nickelodeon’s Nick GaS. From then on, he worked as a VJ for various MTV shows. After working as a VJ, he landed jobs for NBC as a host, one of them being, Open House to the Rescue, which then turned to George to the Rescue. The show began in New York and is now a part of all NBC stations across the map. GTTR recently won a second consecutive National Daytime Emmy for “Outstanding Lifestyle Series”. You can stream past episodes at Youtube.com/George2Rescue and on Peacock.

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What Level is Your Design Business?