What Level is Your Design Business?

Jessica Matteson: The Client Experience Is #1 in Design

Episode 683 of A Well-Designed Business®

Today with Jessica Matteson:

Welcome to A Well-Designed Business. Jessica Matteson started her business with lots of experience but little time and money to invest in getting Jessica Matteson Landscape Architecture off the ground. Jessica shares her journey from starting with just $35 in advertising postcards to running a successful luxury landscape architecture business.

Pick it apart:

[14:28] Jessica shares her onboarding process in detail

[18:12] Jessica gives a tip on how to handle a client introducing new wants in the middle of a project

[22:78] Jessica shares how she broadens the scope of projects to include additional products

[26:20] Jessica shares how she used to do her discovery process and the benefits of conducting it with her new method

[34:28] Jessica tells the story about how she invented her one-day service concept

[41:20] Jessica shares her simple marketing strategy she’s used since day one

[52:30] Jessica tells about her early years and the mantra that got her through

LuAnn and Jessica Matteson’s Ah-Ha moments:

“I’ve stopped converting people. I just look for people who are open to the message.” – Jessica Matteson


“Just do one thing. Don’t ever let yourself do nothing. Because the difference between something and nothing is everything.” – Jessica Matteson


“Just get ready for when the opportunity is fully available.” – Jessica Matteson


“You can’t work out hard enough in one day to achieve the body you want.” -LuAnn (paraphrasing Jessica’s statement)

More About Jessica Matteson:

Jessica Matteson is a landscape architect that believes in the great joys of life. She works with residential and select commercial clients to design landscapes and distinctive outdoor experiences. Using her signature discovery process, she identifies the special magic of each property and combines it with each clients’ unique identity to create something one-of-a-kind and exceptional. By harnessing the nuances of light, sound, air movement, and perspective, as well as the subconscious psychology of plantings and materials, she tells an original story of a place and its inhabitants.


Jessica’s work is influenced by travel to more than 20 countries to study all genre of landscapes and wild places. She has a Masters of Landscape Architecture and a Bachelor of science in horticulture, both from Cornell University. Before opening MLA, she worked for highly respected firms in both the south and northeast as well as an organic design-build company in New York State.

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What Level is Your Design Business?