What Level is Your Design Business?

Genevieve Trousdale: Genevieve Trousdale: Running Your Interior Design Business On Your Own Terms

Episode 658 of A Well-Designed Business®

Today with Genevieve Trousdale:

Welcome to A Well-Designed Business. This week, I’m joined by Genevieve Trousdale. After coming from working in two large firms, Genevieve launched her own firm. She grew her business to serve luxury clients and tackle high-income projects. But unlike most other designers on her level, Genevieve chooses to keep some things simple, running her business on her own and taking on just a few projects per year. Today, we’re talking about how she manages it, why she chooses it, and the importance of staying true to your values in your business.

Pick it apart:

[7:18] Genevieve talks about the experience of working under great influences and what she learned along the way.

[11:58] Genevieve shares why she chooses not to expand her firm and bring on other designers. 

[20:44] Genevieve reveals what she looks for in others when she does need to outsource work.

[25:03] LuAnn and Genevieve talk about the expectations in the design world and how to stick true to who you are.

[33:51] Genevieve explains how she created a resource for other designers to get questions answered and form a community.

LuAnn and Genevieve Trousdale’s Ah-Ha moments:

 “This is amazing to me…it’s unusual that you’ve reached that level of design client but you’ve maintained the solo firm and you’re making money.” -LuAnn Nigara


“The pretty part, I can take care of. I like to take care of that. So I’m looking for someone with street smarts.” -Genevieve Trousdale


“There are pressures of ‘Why aren’t you scaling your company and searching for the next best thing.’ I am—but I’m doing it my own way.” -Genevieve Trousdale

More About Genevieve Trousdale:

Steeped in Southern tradition and influenced by sophisticated French style, Genevieve’s finely-honed design sense was originally fostered by two generations of discerning familial role models with exquisite taste. On assignment designing homes, chalets, and estates throughout Europe, the Middle East, and America, Genevieve developed inspired and inventive ideas for each client’s passions and desire for the very best.


Highly regarded for sophisticated design, meticulous attention to detail, creative sourcing of one-of-a-kind pieces, and the ability to manage thousands of special details at once – Genevieve has earned the respect and admiration of the most thoughtful and discriminating clients, worldwide.


Ms. Trousdale, a Louisiana-born designer, boasts a stunning repertoire of world-class projects from American ski chalets, a Parisian flat to a luxurious Middle Eastern palace. Working alongside top AD 100 industry icons, Genevieve is one of the nation’s most accomplished designers.

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What Level is Your Design Business?