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Aymee Kuhlman and Molly Kidd: Building a Friendship and An Interior Design Partnership

Episode 646 of A Well-Designed Business®
646: Aymee Kuhlman and Molly Kidd: Building a Friendship and An Interior Design Partnership

Today with Aymee Kuhlman and Molly Kidd:

Welcome to A Well-Designed Business®. Aymee and Molly of Light and Dwell, an Oregon based full service and virtual design firm were friends before they were business partners. They’re sharing what they’ve learned about themselves, about each other, and about how to mesh opposites together to grow a business from nothing to something amazing in just five short years.

Pick it apart:

[24:55] LuAnn recaps the tactics Aymee and Molly used to get their first clients

[30:09] Aymee and Molly share how they figured out how to work together when each have very different personalities

[37:17] LuAnn recaps business partnership tips and explains how the Window Works partnership works

[41:55] Aymee describes how they worked through her maternity leave

[49:19] LuAnn goes deep into how partnerships can work when there’s a disagreement

LuAnn, Aymee Kuhlman and Molly Kidd’s Ah-Ha moments:

“She’s good at anything you can see.” – Aymee about Molly

“Whoever’s area of strength it is has the final say.” – LuAnn Nigara

“You both bring to the table what the other person needs.” LuAnn Nigara

More About Aymee Kuhlman and Molly Kidd:

Molly is married to Brad, and together they are raising three children [Karis, Krew + Karoline]. She enjoys being outdoors, drinking coffee, gluten-free cooking, and all sorts of design. She loves being creative and always has her hands in someone’s flower arrangements, home decor or closet. Molly started Light and Dwell with Aymee 5 years ago, and now leads all the creative content and design for the business.

Molly Kidd  • molly@lightanddwell.com

Aymee and her husband Jim have three young adult children. She has a passion for hospitality and creating a welcoming space for others. She enjoys a good cup of black coffee, baking, and traveling with her family.  She runs the behind the scenes operations of Light and Dwell and loves anything under the subject area of systems and people!

Aymee Kuhlman  •  aymee.lightanddwell@gmail.com 

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What Level is Your Design Business?