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Window Treatment Friday Ep. 13: On-Air Coaching with Vita

Episode 636 of A Well-Designed Business®
636: Window Treatment Friday Ep. 13: On-Air Coaching with Vita

Today with Vita Vygovska

For Window Treatment Friday, LuAnn and Vita conduct a live coaching session around a big issue that so many businesses encounter when they scale—clients wanting you on their project, not your staff. Listen to see how LuAnn advises Vita and prepares her to eliminate her problem with confidence and some carefully chosen words.

LuAnn and Vita’s Aha-Moments

“Having the combination of a virtual hug and a little bit of a whip is very unique.” – Vita Vygovska

“If you only get comfort, then you don’t learn how to avoid that the next time.” – LuAnn Nigara

“If I don’t press you and urge you to find the place where only you could have changed the outcome, you’re destined to repeat it.” – LuAnn Nigara

“We can go back and own the moment.” – LuAnn Nigara

Picking It Apart

[11:34] LuAnn shares why we could all benefit from coaching

[16:13] Vita shares the struggle she is having in her business

[19:17] LuAnn gives an example of how she solves the same problem at Window Works

[26:02] Vita asks LuAnn to help her solve a nuance of her original struggle

[30:08] Vita asks LuAnn to help her solve a second nuance of her original struggle

[38:37] LuAnn shares a funny story about what happened when she didn’t take her own advice

More About Vita Vygovska

Vitalia Vygovska (Vita for short), CWFP, MBA, is an award-winning window treatment specialist, author, speaker, mom, wife, and a ballroom dance enthusiast.  Her company, Vitalia, Inc, provides all-encompassing concierge-level, tech-driven fabrication, measurement, installation, and project management services exclusively for interior designers.  In business for over a decade, Vita and her team are experts in their narrow field, providing designers with superb quality product and excellent communication.  Most importantly, they take off the stress, save time, and give peace of mind in the job is well-done.

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