What Level is Your Design Business?

Ariella Horowitz: Success for Design-Build Firms is in the Details.

Episode 631 of A Well-Designed Business®
631: Ariella Horowitz: Success for Design-Build Firms is in the Details.

Today with Ariella Horowitz

Ariella Horowitz of AH Design Group in New Jersey walks through what it took to go from 10 to 90 design/build projects a year. This #smartlady knows the value not only of hard work, but being bold enough to go for opportunities, and smart enough to iterate when something isn’t working. Ariella shares about how she got her start and what she did to differentiate herself and build success in the design/build world.

Pick It Apart

[13:44] Ariella shares about how builders tried to keep her from working with other builders

[16:08] Ariella shares about her confidence and learning curve working with builders early in her career

[23:30] Ariella shares how she built her team and created spec books

[26:04] Ariella shares how and why she charges clients hourly

[40:14] Ariella shares advice for designers interested in working with builders

[43:49] LuAnn has an “aha” moment about how Ariella’s personality and work ethic attracts clients with similar personalities

LuAnn and Ariella Horowitz’s “Ah-Ha” Moments

“It’s not easy. To get here, you have to put in the hard work.” – Ariella Horowitz

“You have to be willing to put in the time and work really hard.” – Ariella Horowitz

“The Pretty”

More about Ariella Horowitz

As founder and principal designer of AH Design Group, Ariella Horowitz oversees all the design that makes its way into our clients’ beautiful homes. Over the years, Ariella has designed countless chic, sophisticated and innovative interiors and exteriors. Her meticulous and thoughtful approach ensures that she makes a statement in every space. Her eye for detail and dedication to perfection is evident in each room she touches, leaving her mark wherever she goes. Ariella takes her motto, “Design with Distinction” into play when designing each and every space.  Every home Ariella designs is unique and custom to itself.

​AH Design Group, located in Northern NJ, is a full-service interior and exterior design firm specializing in new constructions, full renovations and custom homes. Unlike many other design firms, we take a hands-on approach and check-in at our projects on a regular basis to ensure everything is being done correctly and to perfection. Because we don’t subscribe to one specific design aesthetic, we are able to envision and conceptualize projects ranging across the full spectrum from modern to transitional to traditional. With extensive knowledge of the construction process, we get involved in the very early stages from the architectural planning to the framing process. We collaborate closely with architects, builders, developers, and industry professionals to deliver a vision that is on time and within budget, while simultaneously meeting our clients’ lifestyle needs and design aesthetic.

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