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Jennifer Stoner: The Power of the Logic-Based Conversation in Interior Design

Episode 612 of A Well-Designed Business®
612: Jennifer Stoner: The Power of the Logic-Based Conversation in Interior Design

Today with Jennifer Stoner:

Welcome to A Well-Designed Business! Today, I sat down with interior designer Jennifer Stoner. Litigator turned interior designer? How’s that for a career change? Jennifer shows us how she uses skills she honed as a lawyer to guide her clients through their design project. She uses simple if/then logic as a powerful tool to get her clients to see how all the components of the project fit into the big picture!

More About Jennifer Stoner:

Jennifer Stoner is an award-winning interior designer specializing in creating beautiful “Conception to Completion” design projects for discerning clients.   Based in Richmond, Virginia, Jennifer’s services have now expanded to projects across the country. Whether in the process of building a new home, tackling a renovation or transforming your interiors, Jennifer and her team provide high-level services to both manage project details and effectively execute a plan of action.  Jennifer’s talents have also been proven in the commercial realm, creating sophisticated and welcoming public spaces.

Jennifer’s passion is evident in the new construction or renovation process.  She enjoys being an integral member of the client’s design-build team from the very beginning, believing that the collaborative efforts of the architect, builder and interior designer will ultimately lead to the smoothest process for her clients and the best possible finished product. Jennifer has also established a reputation for showmanship by adding jewelry in the way of sophisticated furnishings, beautiful window treatments, luxurious rugs and all of the details that elevate a home’s presence.

Jennifer’s clients have included a vast array of entrepreneurs, physicians, attorneys, developers, celebrities and Fortune 500 CEOs. Her work has been featured on HGTV and TLC, as well as been published in several shelter magazines such as Traditional Home Magazine, Home & Design Magazine, Richmond Magazine and R-Home Magazine, among others. She has been named as one of America’s Top 100 Influencers in the Design Industry.

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What Level is Your Design Business?