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Power Talk Friday: Ashley Uhl: How to Deliver a High-End Client Experience

Episode 412 of A Well-Designed Business®
412: Power Talk Friday: Ashley Uhl: How to Deliver a High-End Client Experience

Welcome to Power Talk Friday! We have a really terrific guest, Ashley Uhl, the founder and principal of Ashley Uhl Consulting, with us on the show today. Ashley consults and teaches interior designers, just like you, how to deliver a high-end service experience. If done correctly, this will lead to more efficiency in your business, greater profit, and most importantly, client loyalty. Ashley is one smart lady and she knows the incredible impact that delivering a spectacular experience can have on a business.  In today’s episode, she explains how to keep things simple in your business to uplevel it and create the kind of experience that makes clients come back. Tune in now! You’re going to love it!

Ashley has a background in client relations, sales, and communications at the top leadership development company, Dale Carnegie. She’s also had a number years of working with, and getting to understand the expectations of high net worth clients at the wealth management firm, Morgan Stanley. In addition, Ashley also pursued her certificate in interior design. Listen in today, to find out from Ashley how to improve the process and client experience of your business and to attract luxury, high-end clients.

Show highlights:

  • Ashley shares the three E’s of high-end service experience.
  • It’s the small things that count.
  • Showing your clients that you’re ready to take their project on.
  • Ashley has created a pyramid to explain the levels of need of the client experience.
  • Dealing with grey areas with clients.
  • Making it easy for your clients to understand, and be part of your design process.
  • Manage the clients’ expectations. They want you to lead them and they feel safer when they see that you are in control.
  • Make it easy for the client to hire you.
  • Creating loyalty that will last a lifetime.
  • The way you handle your mistakes will have an impact on your success.
  • A handwritten thank you note really makes a great impression.
  • The benefits of developing a great relationship with a restaurant.
  • A million tiny things can add up to a really incredible experience.
  • Giving high-end clients unique and awesome experiences.
  • How designers can work with Ashley and Ashley Uhl Consulting.
  • Ashley teaches systems and processes, with a touch of luxury.

Bio: Ashley Uhl, owner, and founder of Ashley Uhl Consulting know the incredible impact that delivering a spectacular experience can have on a business. That’s why her mission is to help designers learn how to deliver the type of high-end service experience that allows them to increase their profits, efficiency, and client loyalty.

Ashley’s been cultivating a love for service her entire lifetime. Traveling extensively throughout the world early on in life, she developed incredible respect, understanding, and interest in the five-star service and hospitality she encountered.

She furthered her interest in service with formal training and work in human relations, sales, and presentations for top professional development company, Dale Carnegie. This allowed her to expand her abilities to both create memorable experiences for customers, and prevent conflicts and frustrations from happening between a business and their clients.

While later serving high net worth clients at wealth management firm, Morgan Stanley, and simultaneously decorating her first home, Ashley found her other passion, interior design. But after working on projects with family and friends, she realized that design itself wasn’t her calling. So with a nudge from her husband, she decided to combine her love for both service and design. Thus, allowing her to become the first and only service consultant exclusively focused on interior designers.

Links and Resources:

Ashley’s website: Ashley Uhl Consulting You can sign up here for a free download of Ashley’s The Essentials of a High End Designer Experience. And Ashley is offering you, the listener, 20% off of any of her services. Please use the code WELLDESIGNED.

Ashley’s blog: Ashley Uhl Consulting

Ashley on Instagram: Ashley Uhl Consulting

Ashley on Facebook: Ashley Uhl Consulting

LuAnn on Instagram: Luann Nigara


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