An interactive virtual conference like no other—with sessions for every level of design business.

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From process to financials to marketing, LuAnn Nigara Live is structured to literally change how your business works.

  • Feb 2 – 4, 2021
  • A Groundbreaking Virtual Event

A Truly Unique Format... Engineered for Maximum "A-Ha!" Moments Per Hour

Process, Mindset, Visibility and More

What does it take to create real growth and change in a business? Join LuAnn, nine hand-picked industry experts, and nine highly successful designers for a structured, interactive event built to take you from where you are now…to the next level and beyond.

No Planes, Trains, or Automobiles

Virtual events do have some benefits—and we’re going to make the most of them. Bring your entire team for the price of one All-Access ticket. Watch from anywhere. And get ready for an online event unlike any you’ve seen in the design industry. We’ve got plans!

LIVE Interaction with LuAnn

For All-Access and VIP Tickets! LuAnn will be there—summarizing, re-phrasing and asking the questions you have in your head! It’s like a real-life version of the podcast, but now YOU get to be on screen to ask questions too.


And celebrate the launch of LuAnn’s third book...A Well-Designed Business®: The Power Talk Friday Experts Vol 2

Hosted & Moderated By…

  • Best-Selling Author
  • Speaker
  • Podcast Host

LuAnn Nigara hosts the top-rated interior design industry podcast, A Well-Designed Business®, now known as the definitive resource for interior design professionals interested in operating a profitable and productive business.

LuAnn’s enthusiasm, business acumen and humor have made her a sought-after speaker and moderator. In her first book, The Making of a Well-Designed Business®, an Amazon #1-rated international best seller, LuAnn provides clear advice and a step-by-step guide for entrepreneurs to start, grow and sustain a profitable business. In her series, A Well-Designed Business®: The Power Talk Friday Experts, LuAnn brings together some of the most dynamic authorities on marketing, social media, branding, pricing and more to create what is destined to be the go-to resource for designers who want to grow their business.

The Experts and Designer Panelists

Co-Authors of A Well-Designed Business®: The Power Talk Friday Experts Vol 2 and Designers Who Implement and Prosper

  • Amanda Berlin

    Amanda Berlin

    Visibility and Business Consultant

  • Amber De La Garza

    Amber De La Garza

    The Productivity Specialist

  • Beth Diana Smith

    Beth Diana Smith

    Owner, Beth Diana Smith Interior Design

  • Blanche Garcia

    Blanche Garcia

    Owner, B. Garcia Designs

  • Christine Lin

    Christine Lin

    Founder, Form + Field

  • Dane Austin

    Dane Austin

    Owner, Dane Austin Design

  • Darla Powell

    Darla Powell

    Head Wingnut, Wingnut Social

  • Desi Creswell

    Desi Creswell

    Certified Life & Business Coach

  • Eileen Hahn

    Eileen Hahn

    Leadership Consultant

  • Jamie Lieberman

    Jamie Lieberman

    Owner and Founder, Hashtag Legal

  • Jenny Slingerland

    Jenny Slingerland

    Founder & Principal Designer, Black Ink Interiors

  • Justin Q. Williams

    Justin Q. Williams

    Founder and Principal, Trademark Design Co.

  • Katie Menon

    Katie Menon

    CEO and Creative Director, Stephenson Interiors

  • Kimberly Merlitti

    Kimberly Merlitti

    Owner, KMM Consulting

  • Lisa Gilmore

    Lisa Gilmore

    Principal Designer, Lisa Gilmore Design

  • Rincey Philip

    Rincey Philip

    Owner, Rincey Philip Interiors

  • Sandra Funk

    Sandra Funk

    Principal, House of Funk

  • Sara Lynn Brennan

    Sara Lynn Brennan

    CEO, Sara Lynn Brennan Interiors

It’s about the conversation!

And we’re digging into the KEY elements that will change your business for the better in 2021.

Drawing a Line in the Sand

With Sandra Funk and Beth Diana Smith
Whether you’re in business for two years or fifteen, there comes a moment when you know it’s time to slow down and focus on the big picture. But how? And what do you do? Join Sandra and Beth as they share real, useful details—and how they they found profitability, confidence and abundance.

A Checklist is Not a Defined Process

With Sara Lynn Brennan and Rincey Phillip
Sara and Rincey have done so much more than just show up in their business. They’ve created duplicatable processes for every step in their design firm. Since January 2020 more than 70 designers have taken the LuAnn University course, Process Leads to Profits with Sara. Seasoned business owners, like 13-year business veteran Rincey, have changed their business with Sara’s proven techniques. Now you can learn key strategies for your new or established business—and hear why the results are clarity, an elevated client experience and profitability.

Work-Life Balance? No, Work-Life Alignment is the Real Goal!

With Desi Creswell and Katie Menon
Join Desi and Katie to discuss the difficult questions you MUST ask to create a business—within a life—that both fulfills you as a CEO and as a human. What happens when we grow our businesses, take on more and more—and working 24-7 becomes the norm? It’s unsustainable. These ladies know you don’t have to sacrifice personal values and relationships in order to be a great CEO and business leader. Learn how to create more alignment in your life through their expertise, advice, and proven experience.

How to Lead and Manage Your Company, For Teams of 1 or 21!

With Eileen Hahn and Christine Lin
Creating a successful team doesn’t happen by accident. Learning to recognize the talents, skills and personalities of each team member and create a space for each person to thrive and to be successful…these are your responsibilities as the CEO. The good news? The rewards are tenfold. Join in as Eileen and Christine share stories and proven strategies to lead with love and create a company you are proud of. Powerful for solopreneurs contemplating their first hire and crucial information for seasoned designers already managing a growing team.

Leveraging Social Media to Grow Your Business

With Darla Powell and Justin Q. Williams
Both Darla and Justin know first-hand the value and the rewards of a rocking social media platform. They also know the key is to start with knowing the results you want from your social presence. Join in as we learn how to evaluate, how to execute, and how to capitalize on social media to grow your creative business. With successful collaborations, features in numerous publications, and a social media presence that is both down to earth and dazzling, Justin and Darla will share their thoughts on leveraging social media to earn business.

Contracts Set a Foundation for Success

Jamie Lieberman and Blanche Garcia
We all know our number one goal is client satisfaction. Actually, it’s more than that, isn’t it? It is over-the-top, stupendous, client delight, right?! An often-overlooked key to this is a rock-solid contract. The foundation for successful projects is clear expectations—and clear expectations are found in your contract. If you heard Blanche on the podcast, you remember that she knows a thing or two about being clear at the beginning of the project. Join Jamie and Blanche as they discuss how a well-designed contract creates open communication and clear expectations, as well as mutual respect and trust.

Creating Authentic Visibility

With Amanda Berlin and Dane Austin
We all hear, “You have to be visible! You have to put yourself out there!” in order to be successful. Yet doing this in a way that feels right for YOU can be challenging and often confusing. Join Amanda and Dane as they explore the many ways—not just the obvious ones—to increase your visibility, earn more business and be comfortable and confident doing it. Hugely valuable if you are a rising designer, starting to build your client base. Perhaps of even more value to you if you are an experienced, seasoned designer like Dane.

Value Yourself by Identifying Your High Value Bucket Activities

With Amber De La Garza and Jenny Slingerland
Productivity is significantly more profound than simply daily action item. It is found when we take a hard look at our beliefs, our patterns and our choices. Learn why productivity is a journey and not a to-do list. Learn how to consistently dedicate yourself to your highest value activities to make the biggest and best changes. Join Amber and Jenny as they share thorough exercises, stories and strategies ideas that can immediately impact your creative business for the better. This session is for all business owners. If, after nearly 40 years in business, LuAnn can learn something from Amber every month, so can you.

Pipelines, Budgets and Reports, Oh My!

With Kimberly Merlitti and Lisa Gilmore
Do you remember Lisa from LuAnn Live last year? Remember how brave she was when she told us her “Eat, Pray, Love” story and how she was struggling with her finances? Even #seasoneddesigners struggle to master this, so don’t worry, you’re not alone. Listen as Kim and Lisa share structured, applicable advice and tools to help you project and schedule your pipeline, set and talk about budgets, and create the reports you need to evaluate your business in real time. Like Lisa says: “Now I have finance Fridays and I love them!” Learn to track and assess your numbers so you can breathe and finally show up as the CEO you always wanted to be.

With Your Emcees…!

arianne bellizaire round headshot

Arianne Bellizaire

Owner and Principal Designer, Arianne Bellizaire

carol cox round headshot

Carol Cox

Founder and CEO, Speaking Your Brand®

This is not your average virtual event. In addition to engaging, not-to-be-missed discussion and no-holds-barred LuAnn Nigara Q&A, we’ve got an All-Access ticket with a lively lunch session, opportunities to win door prizes, live interaction and more.

luann nigara headshot

Let’s be honest.

You probably have dozens of to-do lists scattered all over your office or hard-drive. What if I put all the BEST strategies, advice and tips in one place, just for you? My third book, A Well-Designed Business®: The Power Talk Friday Experts Vol 2 is just that—and this is the LIVE version. It’s an opportunity to learn from the pros who get things done. It’s like stepping inside the best possible version of the podcast.

Join me, my nine co-authors and nine highly successful interior designers for a LIVE event designed to up-level your business and break it all down into actionable steps.


A Live-Streaming, 2-Day Event

  • Streaming, View-Only Access to the Main 2-Day Live Event
    Be there for LuAnn’s opening remarks, antics between panels, commentary and extra insights from the emcees, as well as LuAnn’s closing “Aha Moments” chat. This was a highlight of LuAnn Live 2019!
  • Nine of the Best Panel Discussions in the Industry
    Join 18 experts and LuAnn—live—sharing all of their best advice and strategies. And you know LuAnn—she asks the questions you want answered!
  • A Digital Copy of the LuAnn Live Program Guide
    What’s happening and when? It’s a big event and you’ll need to know the schedule!
  • A Link to Recordings of the Main Two-Day Event
    Polished up, packaged and yours to access within 21 days! LuAnn wants you to go back, learn, review and double down on all of the value from the co-authors and panelists!


All-Access Pass

To the 2-Day Immersion

Everything from General Admission, Plus…

  • Interactive Access During the 2-Day Event
    Ask questions and join the conversation! Speak live with LuAnn, the co-authors and the panelists—and your colleagues in the live chat.
  • Be Eligible to Win Free Coaching Sessions, Door Prizes and Other Goodies!
    We’ve got a lot planned! Just be there when your name is called to win the prize.
  • A Well-Designed Business, The Power Talk Friday Experts, Vol 2: The Action Guide!
    Turn inspiration into action! A digital action guide with checklists built to help you process all the lessons from the book and the event—and take action! Your personal nudge from LuAnn to…decide to be excellent!
  • BONUS: Interactive Group Lunch Session
    A 45-minute lunch session on either day one or two—led by one of the experts and limited to a maximum of just 30 attendees per session. Ask questions, share ideas, and connect with the expert and your colleagues!


Limited! Only 500 Tickets Available


A Full, 2-1/2 Day Journey

Everything from the All-Access Pass, Plus…

  • The BIG Reason to Be a VIP: Six, ½ Hour, Roundtable Breakout Sessions
    In each session, there will be one LuAnn Live expert, yourself and a max of 2 other attendees. Like three hours of nearly one-on-one coaching! Only VIPs will access to the entire 2 ½ day event!
  • The LuAnn Live Swag Box
    A show swag bag delivered to your door before the event—full of custom goodies!
  • A Printed, Full-Color Copy of the LuAnn Live Program Guide
    A printed guide to what’s happening and when. Be part of the live show!
  • Signed Copies of All Three of LuAnn’s Books!
    Your own signed copies of The Making of Well-Designed Business® and A Well-Designed Business®: The Power Talk Friday Experts Vol 1 and Vol 2
  • Special VIP Guests on the Third Day!
    We can’t tell you who yet, but please know…this is going to be good.

    Sponsored by East End Interiors!


Limited! Only 55 Tickets Available


What can I expect?

We’ve put together a truly unique format—with every topic being covered by a hand-picked expert, a designer who is living it and LuAnn herself. Depending on your ticket level, there will be opportunities for Q&A during the sessions and smaller sessions, as well as discussion, laughs and key takeaways for everyone!

It’s going to be ridiculously fun and a total game-changer for your social media, finances, mindset and more.

But I’ve been to events like this before! It’s all very exciting and then I never actually take action on anything I learn.

If you know anything about LuAnn, then you know she is all about action. Everything about this event is structured to create spectacular, real change for you and your business.

How do I register?

Scroll up to choose a ticket level and click on the green button to purchase. We’ll be in touch with more details as the event gets closer. And we’ll be sending a questionnaire to our VIP attendees to customize your experience.

When and where is this happening?

LuAnn Nigara Live will be a fully virtual event—taking place in your office, your living room, or where ever you prefer to settle in and focus!

LuAnn will be broadcasting live from the great state of New Jersey, but you can be literally anywhere. No hotel costs. No flight. Just log on when the show starts.

When does everything start and finish?

As always, we’re planning a full day of panels, surprises, and important takeaways. The show will begin at 10:00am EST and end at approximately 8:00pm for the first two days. The VIP day will begin in the morning and conclude in the afternoon.

Will I get a recording?

Yes, you will! Expect to receive a link to your recordings within 21 days of the event end. LuAnn wants to digest, organize and make sure the recording itself will serve as an ongoing resource as you turn inspiration into action.

What is the cost?

There are three ticket levels available, each with their own goodies and price point. Scroll up to choose a ticket and register!

For Early Birds: Tell me more about the group accountability sessions after the event!

For those who bought an Early Bird ticket by December 31st, LuAnn will host and moderate three live Zoom meetings—centered around implementing on the content from the event.

Information is worth very little without corresponding action. But sometimes we can all use a little help…and some structured accountability, right? Join LuAnn for three virtual followup sessions to share your takeaways, ask questions on how to execute your ideas, and learn how your colleagues have used the ideas from LuAnn Live to make a positive change in their business.

Sessions will take place in February, March and April. If you bought an early bird ticket by December 31st, stay tuned for details!

You mentioned the release of LuAnn’s third book?

That’s right! LuAnn’s third book “A Well-Designed Business®: The Power Talk Friday Experts Vol 2” will be released on the day of the event. Some of our favorite experts on the big, important topics—from productivity to strategic billing to leadership—have contributed a chapter to the book. You will learn directly from them, from the successful designers who are doing it all, and from LuAnn herself…live.

For All-Access: Can we choose our 45-minute lunch session?

For this session, you will be assigned to a specific group on either day one or two of the event. You’ll be with no more than 30 colleagues in a session run by one of our amazing industry experts…from A Well-Designed Business®: The Power Talk Friday Experts—Volume 1 or Volume 2. Expect a ton of value while you enjoy your lunch!

For All-Access: What if my name is called for a free coaching session or a door prize and I’m not present?

Just like LuAnn Live 2019, we’ll be giving out prizes to members of the audience. Be there live at the All-Access level to receive free coaching, prizes and more. If we call a name and the person is not present, we’ll move on to our next potential winner.

I’ve got my ticket! Where can I find access information?

We’ll be in touch over the coming weeks with more details. Before the event, we’ll send instructions and options for access, depending on your ticket level.