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Power Talk Friday: Nathan Davis: Morgan Tap & Basin Founder

Episode 403 of A Well-Designed Business®

Welcome to Power Talk Friday! Today’s episode is sponsored by Morgan Tap and Basin and we have the founder, Nathan Davis, with us on the show. Morgan Tap and Basin is a family owned company who really understand the challenges that trades-people face when running a business. They are fully committed to offering quality, timely, and honest service to support you and your business. Listen in today as Nathan talks to LuAnn about the launch of Morgan Tap and Basin’s new product, and their dedication, in both the quality of their product and the way that they are going for a strictly to the trade model. You’re really going to enjoy this conversation!

Morgan Tap and Basin offers unique sinks and faucets that you won’t find anywhere else. Nathan, who is really passionate about what he is doing, comes from a background in stainless steel sheet metal fabrication and investment casting for the institutional plumbing industry. He saw an opportunity to make use of this knowledge and to bring a higher level of product quality and functionality to the residential market, by combining the best manufacturing processes and available materials with original designs. So, Morgan Tap and Basin was founded in 2017, with the goal of designing and crafting the most beautiful, functional, and durable residential sinks and faucets in the world. They strive- not to be the biggest manufacturer, nor offer the broadest selection, but to ensure that every product that they create is the very best of its kind. Nathan is the man to make this happen, so listen in to find out what he has to share on the show today.

Show highlights:

  • Nathan discusses the new products that he is bringing to be launched this month at KBIS trade show, in Las Vegas.
  • What their new workstation sink comprises of.
  • Nathan explains why he is so passionate about what he does.
  • Nathan talks about growing up, studying law, and getting involved in their family’s stainless steel business.
  • Their company’s goal is for everything that they produce to be the very best of its kind available.
  • Nathan explains what goes into making the very best products. Design always comes first, then functionality, and finally durability.
  • They use a very high grade, and a thicker than usual gauge of stainless steel to create sinks that really last long- even outdoors, or at the coast.
  • The redesign of their website is to make sure that it’s better tailored towards functionality for trade customers, who are all trade customers.
  • Nathan walks us through their to the trade sales process.
  • Their products can all be seen on their website and a sample of the finish of their products can be seen first-hand, prior to purchasing them.
  • All their sinks have free shipping and also free return shipping, if necessary.
  • Nathan talks about the hand-wrapped foam insulating material which is unique to their sinks.
  • All their designs are original and they’re all created in-house.
  • They create products that could really help designers solve certain problems for their clients.
  • Pictures really help to visually drive home the difference between quality products and inferior ones.
  • Why it actually matters whereabout in the sink the drain is placed.
  • For all the designers who are going to be at KBIS in Las Vegas, Nathan explains how to find where the Morgan Tap and Basin booth will be located. (It’s booth # SL4725 in the South Hall, in the outer row, near to the KBIS Next Stage.)
  • Nathan is always happy to get feedback on products and ideas and if you need something custom made, he will work that out with you.

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Morgan Tap and Basin’s product is launching at KBIS booth # SL4725 in the South Hall from the 19th to the 22nd of February. It’s near to the KBIS Next Stage.

LuAnn’s panel discussion at KBIS is on Thursday, the 21st of February, at 9.30am.

KBISNeXT Stage Speaker Landing Page-LuAnn Nigara

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