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Amy Flurry: How to Pitch Press and Build Relationships

Episode 323 of A Well-Designed Business®
323: Amy Flurry: How to Pitch Press and Build Relationships

Welcome to Power Talk Friday! Last Friday we started a great conversation with Ashley Hotham-Cox, the editor-in-chief of Home Design & Decor in Charlotte, about how to pitch yourself and how to get press. Today we are really happy to continue the conversation with Amy Flurry. Amy has appeared once before on the show, on episode #108 and she’s really a smart lady, so if you haven’t met her yet, you are really in for a treat! Listen in now to find out more!

Amy has two decades of editorial experience, conceiving ideas for stories, producing shoots, and writing copy for magazines and online publications. These include Country Living, In Style, Refinery 29, Conde Nast Traveller, Better Homes and Gardens, and Lucky Magazine. Amy authored Recipe For Press- Pitch Your Story and Create A Buzz, (which we spoke about in episode #108) after being inspired by her career in publishing. She has now written her second book, Recipe For Press- Designer Edition. This book is filled to the brim with tools for interior designers, architects, landscape planners, and product designers who need to take advantage of any new media opportunities which are available. Amy applies her collective expertise- from trend direction to product and brand development, working with companies to expand their marketing strategies and to connect businesses to the interior design trade. Listen in to find out what she has to share with you on today’s show.

Show highlights:

  • The really great advice that Amy gave to LuAnn when they first met.
  • About Amy’s fabulous new book, Recipe For Press- Designer Edition.
  • The overarching points that Amy wanted to get across in her new book.
  • Why designers need to create a strategy for getting press.
  • The shift that Amy has seen lately, in the design industry.
  • The new opportunities that are available now, for designers to get their names out there.
  • Why you need to have a really good pitch.
  • How to create a killer pitch.
  • Why you really need to know what you want to get from the press.
  • Remember that all publications need content!
  • The amount of work that you’re going to be in for when you engage with a publicist.
  • Why it makes more sense to pitch for publications in your neighborhood.
  • Press is not about ego- it’s actually about business!
  • Working your way up- starting with your local press and local market.
  • About Amy’s layering strategy.
  • The way that Amy creates events that are really worthwhile for everyone in the room.
  • Why retailers really want you, as interior designers, in their showrooms.
  • The importance of sharing- and recycling images.
  • Celebrating the things that set you apart from other designers.
  • Some of the fabulous resources that are available on Amy’s website- Recipe For Press.
  • About Amy’s incredible company- Paper-Cut-Project. You can see it on Instagram.


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