What Level is Your Design Business?

Amanda Evans: Creating Growth in Your Interior Design Firm

Episode 263 of A Well-Designed Business®
263: Amanda Evans: Creating Growth in Your Interior Design Firm

Welcome to today’s show! Our guest for today, Amanda Evans, is someone you may know through Instagram. She is the Founder and Principal of Amanda Evans Interiors, which is based in Vancouver. Amanda opened her business in 2009, before the birth of  Theo, her first child. Today Amanda talks to LuAnn about what work looked like for her before Theo came into her life, what it looked like after Theo began pre-school and what it looks like now, after their daughter, Marlee, who is now just three months old, was born. Listen in to find out more.

On the show today, Amanda gives a detailed explanation of how she grew and then filled her pipeline, so that now, only three years later, she already has three employees. If you have been battling with ways to give your new (or existing firm) a boost in getting new leads, you’re going to really enjoy today’s show. Listen in now, to find out from Amanda some ways to handle the transitions in life, both from a business standpoint and when things come at you personally.

Show highlights:

  • Some of Amanda’s observations about the transitions in her life, over the last few years.
  • Amanda’s really intentional way of creating relationships with the Builders and Realtors that she wanted to work with.
  • What it was like for Amanda, and how she coped when she first joined the mostly male Builder’s Association and started going to networking meetings.
  • Amanda’s way of initiating a first meeting to connect with the builders and realtors that she wanted to build relationships with.
  • Some lessons that Amanda learned and how her thinking changed while making the transitions in her life.
  • How Amanda was able to up-level her work and take on even more by hiring people to assist her.
  • Taking the pain out of developing new relationships with Builders or Contractors.
  • How Amanda managed to get the ideal team together.
  • Some advice to help you to hire the right people for your business.
  • Amanda’s way of growing her Instagram, to get over 12,000 followers.
  • Some things to watch out for, when tagging people on Instagram.
  • You really do need to credit your photographer!
  • Winning ways to work with Instagram.
  • Some tips for engaging with your Instagram Community.

Connect with Amanda:

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What Level is Your Design Business?