What Level is Your Design Business?

Power Talk Friday: Claire Jefford: Interior Design Boss Academy. Why Trust & Experience Matter in Creating a Profitable Business

Episode 807 of A Well-Designed Business®
807: Power Talk Friday: Claire Jefford: Interior Design Boss Academy. Why Trust & Experience Matter in Creating a Profitable Business

Today with Claire Jefford:

Welcome to a Well-Designed Business. In today’s sponsored show, I’m sitting down with Claire Jefford—a seasoned designer, a business coach, and one of my trusted Power Talk Friday experts.

Claire knows that the foundation of a successful business is trust and experience—and she’s formed the Interior Design Boss Academy to teach you how to build those two vital pieces for your business.

Pick It Apart

[13:38] Claire discusses why trust matters so much in business and how to build it from the very first touchpoint with a client.

[23:25] Claire and LuAnn talk about the importance of the client experience.

[30:51] Claire breaks down the modules of her course and how they help designers build a strong foundation for their business.

[45:25] Claire shares what you get when you join the Interior Design Boss Academy.

LuAnn Nigara and Claire Jefford’s Ah-Ha Moments:

“The quicker you can build trust, the faster clients will hand over the reins to you and not micromanage. You’ll just see a big shift.” -Claire Jefford

“I have coached designers who have said that in their welcome emails they start talking about discounts. Who are you attracting there right now? You are attracting people who are counting their dollars. We don’t hire people in our business because they’re the cheapest. We hire because they’re the best.” -Claire Jefford

“This industry is a luxury. We as designers or business owners can’t forget that whether you’re selling somebody something a $250 service or a $50,000 design fee, they’re coming to you for the experience.” -LuAnn Nigara

More About Claire Jefford:

Claire Jefford began her award-winning Interior Decorating firm in 2011 & quickly grew her business, boasting the highest reviewed design professional in the Toronto area with over 100 reviews. In 2017, Claire started a second business as a Business Coach.

With a background in Human Resources, Claire is passionate about having organized processes, marketing & she also loves creating videos. Audiences love Claire for her authentic personality, her helpful, straight-up advice & cheeky sense of humour.

Voted Top Influencer 3 years running by Modenus, Claire does speaking engagements, panel discussions & live video broadcasts from various events across North America. She also runs a highly active Facebook group, Interior Design Business Strategies, with over 5500 design professionals from around the world.

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Today’s show is sponsored by Claire Jefford and The Interior Design Boss Academy. Check out all the details of her upcoming course, the “Interior Designer Boss Academy”.

Enroll here: https://www.interiordesignbossacademy.com/

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What Level is Your Design Business?