What Level is Your Design Business?

Power Talk Friday: Terri Taylor: Stepping Into Profitable Kitchen Remodels. Sponsored Show: Interior Design Business Academy

Episode 662 of A Well-Designed Business®

Today with Terri Taylor:

Welcome to A Well-Designed Business. Terri Taylor of Interior Design Business Academy is back on the show to share her design business expertise and help you step into your space, confidently manage your projects, and pick up all the opportunities for profit. She’s also reviewing her truly golden Letter of Agreement that will change the way you approach your remodeling projects.

Pick it apart:

[22:37] Terri shares the problem with a quickly-created letter of agreement.


[24:41] Terri explains how designers can determine an accurate design fee.


[26:37] LuAnn and Terri explore what to do when a contractor’s budget is too low.


[31:00] Terri reviews a scenario where the designer is in charge from the beginning of the project.


[41:36] LuAnn recaps Terri’s method of owning a job from the beginning.


[42:42] Terri explains what her three-day class, The Real Deal, covers.

LuAnn and Terri Taylor’s Ah-Ha moments:

“Designers are the heart and soul of the projects.” – Terri Taylor


“You need to think of your fee as insurance to the client that the money is going to be spent is spent well and adds value at the end.” – Terri Taylor


“You don’t have to finish the project to get paid – you have to finish the design to get paid.” – Terri Taylor

More About Terri Taylor:

Terri Taylor is a frequent speaker and guest lecturer at design conferences and showrooms throughout the country. She speaks on a number of topics related to the business of interior design, including: business practices, sales, marketing, motivation, leadership, success, and personal growth.

Ms. Taylor is nationally known as an interior design business expert and coach who teaches and mentors interior designers to help them create successful design businesses.

Terri has over 32 years in the interior design and construction business. She holds both residential and commercial general remodeling Arizona Contractors Licenses, and qualified for her NCIDQ certification in 1991. Terri is a professional member of ASID, IDS, and NCIDQ.

Her Tucson-based design studio, Taylor Design Group, was a diversified design practice working in the areas of high-end residential design and remodeling, model home merchandising, hospitality, and medical and professional offices. Her studio has been the recipient of ASID Arizona South Chapter Design Excellence Awards every year since 1986 and she received the ASID National Design Excellence Award in 2000.  Terri’s design work has been published in regional and national design journals, including ASID ICON and Wall St. Journal. Terri retired from her studio practice in 2015.

In 2009, Ms. Taylor created Design Biz Blueprint (now Interior Design Business Academy); an education and coaching resource that provides a unique mix of design business strategies and systems, and powerful positive mindset to help interior designers create meaningful success. She’s inspired thousands of interior design entrepreneurs through her speaking engagements, seminars, on-line education, and coaching.

Terri connects with heart-centered designers to help grow their business strategy, accountability, and profitability all while undergoing a beautiful personal transformation.

Connect with Terri Taylor:





A Big THANK YOU to Today’s Podcast Sponsor:

Terri Taylor’s upcoming class: The Real Deal – Designer Remodeling Jobs for Profit

  • You’ll be in class for a highly interactive three full days 
  • May 19th, 20th, and 21st, 2021
  • It will be a mix of all the things: 
    • worksheets 
    • templates
    • scripts 
    • copies of letters of agreement
    • Q&A time
    • community, sharing, mindset work, and breakout groups
    • And some dance!
  • Early bird pricing is $797 until Tuesday, April 27th
  • It goes to $1297 after that
  • To learn more and get your ticket, go to https://interiordesignbusinessacademy.com/


So what do you say? Want to stop giving away your time and learn how to set up a job so you’re paid properly?


Is Q2 the time to allow yourself to step into your space and bloom as a designer?


I think it is. Decide to be excellent.

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