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Power Talk Friday: Amber De La Garza, LuAnn is in the “Productivity” Hot Seat

Episode 577 of A Well-Designed Business®

Welcome to A Well-Designed Business, it’s Power Talk Friday! LuAnn has a very special episode for you today. Amber De La Garza is back with her on the show.

Amber De La Garza is The Productivity Specialist. She is also one of the co-authors of LuAnn’s third book coming out this fall, which is A Well Designed Business: The Power Talk Friday Experts Volume 2

This episode is a little bit different than most, because today LuAnn and Amber are going to be talking about the work that they have accomplished, the internal stories and beliefs that Amber has helped LuAnn overcome, and the ways that they adapted strategies and worked through obstacles together, allowing LuAnn to reclaim some of her own time. They’re going to pull back the curtain on their process and the lessons that were learned along the way. 

Amber is a coach, trainer, speaker, and writer, and she hosts her own podcast, Productivity Straight Talk. She helps business owners improve their time management and elevate their productivity, which in turn lets them maximize profits, reduce stress, and free up time for what matters most. 

Show Highlights:

  • Amber has been helping LuAnn reclaim balance in both her personal and work life.
  • Amber guided LuAnn through the strategies that weren’t working for her.
  • Working one on one enables you to revise and tweak a strategy until it works for you.
  • LuAnn describes her startling realization that she had normalized a seven-day work week.
  • The stories that we tell ourselves: How we can take back some of that time and create a new and sustainable
  • LuAnn shares how she almost stopped doing her intro’s and outro’s for the show but received plenty of confirmation to continue.
  • This show is her baby and LuAnn is emotionally invested in it.
  • Amber explains the concept and importance of “highest value activities”.
  • As your business grows, you have to outsource and delegate. And you have to be ok with accepting help!
  • Amber challenged LuAnn in ways that made LuAnn question beliefs that she was so convinced were unchangeable. 
  • When you re-evaluate doing things that are just normalized, then you will be able to look at everything in your business with a fresh perspective.

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