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Power Talk Friday: Where Are They Now? Wendy Woloshchuk: Grow Your Business Through Action

Episode 527 of A Well-Designed Business®
527: Power Talk Friday: Where Are They Now? Wendy Woloshchuk: Grow Your Business Through Action

Welcome to a Well-Designed Business, it’s Power Talk Friday! And today LuAnn will be doing a ‘Where Are They Now’ episode with Wendy Woloshchuk, who last made her appearance on A Well-Designed Business about two years ago. 

What a difference those two years have made! Wendy is here to share the invaluable information she has learned from LuAnn Live and The Power Talk Friday Tour, the implementations to her business that resulted from that, and the profound impact it has had on her life.

You don’t want to miss this conversation! Get ready for some takeaways from this!

Wendy Woloshchuk believes that great interior design can change your everyday life. It’s about more than just beauty and function. It’s about creating a home that feels like a warm hug when you walk in after a long day. The details of your home create that feeling of comfort. She believes that interior design should be approachable, not intimidating! Her goal is not to make your house a showpiece, but to create a beautiful, comforting space and to see you enjoying it with friends and family. Wendy has been an interior designer and decorating enthusiast for as long as she can remember, and has been getting paid to do it since 2007, when she received her Interior Design Certification from Bay Path University. She is a frequent speaker and panelist at design events. She’s spoken for Facebook, been on multiple panels at High Point Market, was an invited guest at The Designer Experience, and was on the designhounds Influencer tour of the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS).

Wendy is a Houzz influencer, has won multiple Houzz Service Awards, and is a Maria Killam Certified True Colour Expert. She was also a Las Vegas Market Red Carpet Tour attendee. She has done multiple projects with the Make a Wish Foundation, and she’s a certified member of The Interior Design Society (IDS).

Wendy loves sharing interior design advice and ideas. She coaches interior designers from around the world and teaches both local and online workshops to interior designers, decorators and home stagers on the business of interior design, and offer free tips on design on her Facebook live show, The Daily Details!

She’s been quoted and/or seen in:

  • Designers Today Magazine
  • The Sunday Republican
  • The Palmer Journal
  • Mydoma.com
  • Window Fashion Vision magazine

…and heard on:

  • A Well-Designed Business podcast with LuAnn Nigara
  • Home Stagers and Designers on Fire podcast with Marianne Cherico

When she’s not working on other people’s houses – or on the beach in Aruba – she’s in her own home in the woods, listening to podcasts or country music; cheering for the New England Patriots; or spending time with her husband, Mike (Wally), and their schnug, Ozzy.

Show Highlights:

  • As Wendy explains, she had a process, but it was inconsistent. Once she hired an assistant, she knew she had to have a better process in place.
  • Wendy took the time to document her processes in a “Standards of Excellence Manual”, an idea she got from Ashley Uhl. 
  • Wendy asked her assistant to write down her own documented processes as she experienced them after a month of being hired, then they compared notes. This allowed them to fine-tune the manual.
  • Another idea she got from Ashley Uhl was sending a simple hand-written thank you note after a consult. 
  • LuAnn loved the idea Wendy shared of sending “Happy Birthday to Your Room” cards to her clients after their first anniversary of doing business together. After year 5 and year 10, Wendy sends a card offering to refresh their room design.
  • Wendy hired Nancy Ganzekaufer as a coach and worked with her for most of last year. One of the big areas in which Nancy helped was with Wendy’s numbers, so she increased both her hourly rates and her consults rates, and started charging her clients retail for product, which substantially increased her profits.
  • All clients get a weekly update email very Friday updating them on their project and exactly what was accomplished over the past week.
  • Nicole Heymer’s branding course helped Wendy to websites, social media. what she wanted from her website, so last year, Wendy worked with a copywriter to redesign her website, making it more relaxed and fun.
  • Based on conversations over lunch with Debbe Daley and Marianne Cherico last year, Wendy, Debbe, and Marianne started the Design for Today Collaborative. They do in-person workshops at the Boston Design Center and other venues around New England. It’s a way to keep designers up to date on technology, websites, and social media but has grown to include staging coaching.
  • LuAnn points out that Wendy’s success story is a great example of never being afraid of seeking help and knowledge from others, and taking that information you learn and putting it into practice.

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