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Eric Ross: Operating His Design Firm Like a Retail Store

Episode 504 of A Well-Designed Business®
504: Eric Ross: Operating His Design Firm Like a Retail Store

Welcome! Today, Eric Ross joins us on the show. Eric is a charming southern gentleman and a well-experienced design professional. He is also a seasoned businessman who has figured out how to run his firm in a unique way that really works for him. In today’s episode, he describes how he runs his private interior design studio like a retail store. He explains that he no longer feels the need to change, apologize or adjust the way he works to conform to a client’s expectations. Eric knows himself well, he understands his passions, and he is very clear about what he will and will not do. Be sure to listen in today, to find about his very interesting business model.

Eric is from Nashville. He has been in love with the traditional living design style since he was a child. He has more than twenty years of design experience and his work has been published in Traditional Home, Southern Style, Southern Lady, The Cottage Journal, as well as in many other publications. Eric’s passion is to fan the flame of traditional decorating with a deeply Southern esthetic. Tune in now, for more!

Show Highlights:

  • Eric explains what he means when he says that he is running his design firm like a store without a storefront.
  • What the decorating track of Eric’s business is all about.
  • Eric’s margins are hefty, just like those in a storefront, and all of his design services are included in that pricing.
  • The way that Eric educates his clients about his philosophy and the way he works.
  • Talking about transparency.
  • People will happily pay Eric for his product rather than his time.
  • Trust is a key issue.
  • Eric’s business model allows him to have total control over the whole process.
  • Eric’s advice is to start small with clients. It makes your business more manageable.
  • The biggest motivator for Eric is seeing the result of what he has created.
  • Eric’s qualifying process for his new clients.
  • Eric explains why he does not do discounts.
  • The opportunities you’re losing by being overworked.
  • Eric’s goal is to monetize his passion.
  • Our industry is too high-touch to make it high volume.
  • It’s okay to mark up because of the value you add to the project.
  • You don’t have to explain your “no”.
  • Eric has a new book out, called Enduring Southern Homes.


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