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Steven G: Attract the Luxury Client

Episode 324 of A Well-Designed Business®
324: Steven G: Attract the Luxury Client

Welcome to today’s episode! I have Steven G, of Interiors By Steven G, with me today and we will be talking about how and why Steven G came to the decision to leave the first interior design firm that he partnered with and how he launched his own company, based on the lessons (or the negatives, as he calls them) that he learned there. He will also discuss how he established his company and reputation with the luxury property developers in the South Florida region. Today’s show is a fantastic example of gambling on yourself and of calculating the risk vs your return on investment, so please listen in carefully to what Steven has to share with you today.

Interiors By Steven G is one of South Florida’s most outstanding interior design firms. Steven leads a team of more than eighty professionals, which include licensed interior designers who are fluent in seven languages, interior design renderers, a full Autocad department, design assistants, an in-house marketing and PR department, as well as a full warehouse team with their own fleet of trucks. Their locations include a one-hundred-thousand square foot corporate office and showroom and the NOW by Steven G Showroom. These are both located in Broward County. Listen in to find out more.

Show highlights:

  • How Steven intentionally, and also organically built his collaborations with the luxury property developers in South Florida.
  • Why Steven has focused his career and business on the luxury condominium market.
  • How Steven used to reach his buyers through his sales center.
  • How Steven works between seventy and eighty hours every week to remain out-of-the-box as a designer.
  • How Steven’s business first began to blossom, and how he found his niche.
  • The importance of being structured in the way you do your business.
  • How Steven has never forgotten where he came from- or to say ‘thank you’.
  • Steven’s humble approach to his business.
  • How Steven got his foot in the door with the luxury property developers, early on in his business.
  • How Steven assesses the potential return on his investments.
  • Reaping the benefits of long-term design investments.
  • How Steven realized that the first firm that he partnered with was going to crash and burn.
  • The way that Steven built his company on ‘the negatives’.
  • Steven is always reachable- this really works for him!
  • How working hard can allow you to eventually land in a really beautiful place!
  • The importance of creating your own destiny.
  • Steven is a wealth of knowledge- and he is willing to share it with you, designers!
  • Why you always need to think ahead of the game.
  • Please take the time to go to Steven’s website interiorsbysteveng.com The work is really unbelievable!


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What Level is Your Design Business?