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Power Talk Friday: FreshBooks for Your Interior Design Firm

Episode 265 of A Well-Designed Business®
265: Power Talk Friday: FreshBooks for Your Interior Design Firm

Welcome to Power Talk Friday! We have an interview with FreshBooks today. A few months ago, FreshBooks and LuAnn started talking about them becoming a regular sponsor for this show.  As pretty smart business people, they both wanted to find out more about one another before joining forces, to see who they would be getting involved with.

FreshBooks asked to do a trial of two or three thirty second ad spots. Before LuAnn agreed to do any commercials for them, however, she wanted to know if they really were right for you, her listeners. And what better way for LuAnn to know if they are the right fit than to apply her ninja interview tactics to them? Listen in to find out more.

LuAnn wanted the chance to ask any and every question that she thought would be helpful, for you to decide if FreshBooks is right for you because she thinks they really are a terrific platform for helping you to track the money side of your Design business.

Today she talks to Julie Kerr, the Marketing Communications Strategist at FreshBooks, about FreshBooks and how she sees them as the perfect side companion to My Doma Studio. Listen in now, as Julie explains how this platform was designed, specifically for the small, serviced-based industry, to take the fear out of accounting and to help you to efficiently input, track and analyze your operations, your projects, and your business.

Show highlights:

  • Julie explains what FreshBooks is all about.
  • Who the ideal client for FreshBooks is.
  • Julie explains why this is the Accounting Software for non-Accountants.
  • FreshBooks have built templates that actually help you to get paid faster.
  • How FreshBooks helps you to track and operate your business seamlessly.
  • You can take a picture of the receipts of money you spent, on gas, lunches or even hotel stays and the information will be automatically uploaded- and even sorted, for tax time.
  • Your company credit cards can be linked to FreshBooks, to have all the transactions automatically uploaded.
  • How FreshBooks helps you to easily assess the health of your business.
  • Julie explains how the whole invoicing process of FreshBooks works.
  • How well FreshBooks would work, as a side companion to My Doma Studios.
  • The really beautiful design of the way that of FreshBooks looks.
  • You can have your questions answered right away, by the Toronto based support team, at their call center.
  • The way that the pricing structure of FreshBooks works.
  • How FreshBooks helps you to track the exact number of hours that have been worked on a project.
  • The different ways that you can stay connected to FreshBooks.


You can get a free 30 Day Trial with FreshBooks!  All you have to do is go to http://www.freshbooks/LuAnn to sign up!

If you still have any questions, you can email their Support Team at support@freshbooks.com, or you can give them a call at 1-866-303-6061.

What Level is Your Design Business?