What Level is Your Design Business?

Kae Whitaker- Branding Your Business- Finally I Understand It!

Episode 26 of A Well-Designed Business®

Kae Whitaker and her husband/business partner have a unique
business called Kae Whitaker Solutions. Kae is a personal
branding and business development coach who specializes in creative
business. She will teach you specific strategies to build your
business to success. Remember “just because you are a master at
design does not mean you are a master at business.”

Kae shares with us:

  • What about brands?
  • Know the background
  • Personality draws customers
  • You need to have core values to make decisions
  • Initial coaching sessions: how they work
  • How she works together with her husband
  • Sometimes you need to have people to delegate to
  • Tips for struggling businesses

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What Level is Your Design Business?