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Power Talk Friday: Lyndsay Phillips – How a VA Can Help You With Your Marketing

Episode 244 of A Well-Designed Business®
244: Power Talk Friday: Lyndsay Phillips – How a VA Can Help You With Your Marketing

We have Lyndsay Phillips with us on today’s Power Talk Friday. LuAnn is really looking forward to sharing her with you today because Lyndsay is a self-confessed organizational freak, appointed task manager, and project ninja. She’s also a warrior VA (read Virtual Assistant) for Business Coaches, Accountants, Small Business Owners and Online Entrepreneurs. Her business is called Smooth Sailing Online Support and she also has a podcast called Sailing To Success Podcast.  Listen in to find out more about Lyndsay, who really understands the challenges around hiring someone to help you, when growing your business and reaching the next level.

Lyndsay and her super team of VA’s support entrepreneurs, just like you, who have fast-paced businesses with fast-paced growth. They really help people, by managing their back office, implementing their Marketing and strategizing and implementing their Social Media Campaigns. Listen in now, to find out how Lyndsay takes care of the detail and the moving pieces, which can all be quite overwhelming for really busy people.

Show highlights:

  • Lyndsay explains why asking for help is not a weakness- in fact, it actually shows strength.
  • Lyndsay explains how she and her team really are expert at everything that they do, in terms of supporting a business.
  • Lyndsay’s team really do understand the importance of proper postings on Social Media.
  • The services and the packages that Lyndsay offers, to fit the unique needs of every client.
  • Lyndsay has an enormous amount of resources and some really useful blog posts on her website. (lyndsayphillips.com)
  • Lyndsay’s suggestions for how to be really productive in the ‘working at home’ environment.
  • Lyndsay even turns Skype off, if she really needs to focus on something, because derailing her focus makes her less productive.
  • Why you should schedule breaks into your day.
  • Ways to implement internal deadlines.
  • Not allowing social media to be a major distraction in your day.
  • Ways that you can use little systems, to minimise the need to reply to emails.
  • Using the Boomerang App for emails, to avoid unnecessary distractions.
  • The impact of your environment on the way that you feel and on your productivity.
  • Go to lyndsayphillips.com for your free copy of Lyndsay’s Client Attraction System and you can also go to http://www.smoothbusinessgrowth.com/beproductive for more information about what Lyndsay does.
  • Lyndsay also works with brick and mortar businesses.


Her email: captain@smoothbusinessgrowth.com Her social and website info: http://www.SmoothBusinessGrowth.com captain@smoothbusinessgrowth.com Twitter  and  Facebook: http://www.LyndsayPhillips.com

What Level is Your Design Business?