What Level is Your Design Business?

Jason Harris – How The Design Network Can Help Grow Your Interior Design Business

Episode 243 of A Well-Designed Business®
243: Jason Harris – How The Design Network Can Help Grow Your Interior Design Business

Today we have Jason Harris on the show and he’s someone that LuAnn’s been hearing a lot about recently. There seems to be quite a buzz going on around his relatively new platform, The Design Network, yet while doing some research about Jason and his background, LuAnn found herself very intrigued about his primary business, Furniture Land South. So on the show today, they talk about this primary business, as well as about the innovation and development of the Design Network. Listen in to find out more about Jason, his family business, and his really successful Design Network.

Jason’s father started his business, way back in 1968, and in just one generation, he created Furniture Land South, the largest retail furniture store in the world! It covers one point three million square feet of space, they have a hundred and sixty Design Consultants working there, they represent more than a thousand brands of home furnishing companies and they turn over a hundred and fifty million dollars per year.  Listen in now, to find out more about Furniture Land South and about how Jason developed the Design Network.

Show highlights:

  • Jason talks about what it was like, growing up in his dad’s business.
  • The really explosive growth of the business, which took place between 1990 and 2000, after they moved to a new campus.
  • How Jason contributed to the successful business, between 1990 and 2000.
  • What Jason learned from working in the business.
  • How Jason’s passion for sales and marketing developed, through his years of working in the business.
  • The innovations that Jason brought to the business, as a young person, fresh out of college.
  • Jason’s initiative in transforming the business from paper-based to an automated system.
  • How Jason’s Dad involved both his sons in the business, from very early on.
  • Jason explains how he’s never even thought of doing anything other than working in their family business- it’s something he has always been really passionate about.
  • What inspired Jason to create his Design Network, which was started as a completely independent platform from Furniture land South.
  • The difficulties that Jason had, in keeping the Design Network separate from Furniture Land South.
  • Jason discusses how consumers can connect with Designers, on his Trade Direct Program.
  • The great benefits for Designers who sign up for Jason’s Trade Direct Program.
  • What makes the Design Network a really great solution for Designers- they are really leveraging this resource now, more than ever.
  • How Designers can interact with the Design Network platform.
  • The Designer Boards, a unique feature of the Design Network and a great way for Designers to make a passive income.
  • How consumers are being driven to the Design Network platform.
  • The explorer section on the Design Network website.
  • How the Designer Network is really making it easier for consumers to design their homes.
  • How people are being reached at an entertainment level, on the Design Network.
  • Finding a Design Consultant that’s the right fit for you, on the Design Network platform.


Email: jason@thedesignnetwork.com Website:  http://www.TheDesignNetwork.com His social: https://twitter.com/furniturelands http://blog.furniturelandsouth.com https://www.facebook.com/FurniturelandSouthNC https://www.houzz.com/pro/furniturelandsouth/furnitureland-south https://www.youtube.com/user/furniturelandsouth

What Level is Your Design Business?